Seeing Jamaica in film and animation

Liquid Light Digital is an award-winning production house with more than 350 productions to its credit.

Film and computer programming have been dual passions of the company’s CEO Adrian Lopez since his childhood. Growing up, his idols were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but he also loved the work of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Ridley Scott. 

Armed with the know-how gained from degrees Marketing and Computer Science, and working in his parents’ businesses and then as a corporate manager, Adrian decided to start his own business doing what he loves full-time.  

We sat down with Adrian to get to know more about his business, and why he joined Branson Centre’s scaleup accelerator programme

Tell us about your business:

Liquid Light Digital is a production company founded in 2002. It is unique in being a company operating on all fronts, producing content for others, while simultaneously leveraging the experience to develop marketable assets of its own.

We strongly believe in the synergy derived from the collaboration of creative minds from diverse artistic disciplines. To this end, we have fostered working relationships with cinematographers, directors, camera operators, graphic designers, animators, CG artists and filmmakers both at home and abroad. The skillsets our partners bring to the table can be brought to bear as needed, ensuring a world-class, unified solution, and a unique end product.

How did you hear about the Branson Centre and why did you decide to join its accelerator programme? 

Our animated property “Julie Jamrock,” was a finalist in the categories of “Best Character Design” and “Best Concept” at the KingstOOn Emerging Animated Content Competition. While attending one of the meetings related to the competition, I met Branson Centre Programme Administration Manager Tashaine Morrison, who after reviewing our work and hearing the story of our company, recommended I apply for the accelerator programme. 

Identify 2 – 3 transformational benefits you believe your business will experience at the end of the programme?

  • How to value the business
  • How to market the business as an investment opportunity
  • How to best grow the business and capitalize on investment

What is the most important thing that running a business has taught you? 

As a leader in a creative space, I need to have room to create and drive creativity in the company. This is difficult to do if I am caught up in the minutia of actually running the business. I do my best work after hours, when the day-to-day ends and I’m free to do what I love to do.

How does your business benefit the wider community and the environment?

We believe it is important that Jamaicans see themselves and their country in a positive light. We carry this idea through in all our productions. For example, our animated character Julie Jamrock is an environmentally-conscious 8 year-old Jamaican girl of mixed heritage, who is learning about life and family with her little brother, Barry. Similarly, our feature film “Roots: Emergence,” a science-fiction action-adventure film depicting a world in which Jamaica is a major scientific and economic powerhouse. 

What does the future hold for your business? 

I see a future where Liquid Light Digital becomes a technology hub for film and animation production in Jamaica. Leveraging our geographic advantage for outsourcing services, while producing world-class animation and visual effects for international film studios. Investment will be also be key, from investors who see the possibilities, not necessarily in Jamaican film – but in what trained Jamaicans and a Jamaica-based studio can do for film production as a whole. 


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