Eco-conscious cooking

Tara Caroll is one of the entrepreneurs in the newly-launched Blue Economy component of Branson Centre’s accelerator programme. She is working to raise awareness about overfishing and ocean ecosystem health through her restaurant. 

We recently had a chat with Tara to get to know more about her business, and why she decided to join Branson Centre’s scaleup accelerator programme

Tell us about your business:

Cove Coolout Restaurant & Bar, also known as “The Cove,” takes inspiration from Jamaica’s popular Hellshire Beach in Portmore, famous for its tasty seafood and lively ambiance.  The Cove draws on Hellshire’s signature cooking styles, including cooking over a wood fire. We launched on Winchester Road with the intention of bringing those unique flavours to people who live in the Kingston and St. Andrew area.

We also make a conscious effort not to serve parrotfish. We know it is a favourtie meal of Jamaicans, but sadly this important species is overfished. Protecting parrotfish essentially ensures the health of coral reefs. The fish act as natural cleaners, eating the algae and parasites that grow on coral. Additionally, parrotfish excrete sand. A single parrotfish churns out thousands of pounds of sand every year. We do our best to educate our patrons and encourage them to cut parrotfish out of their diet.

Why did you decide to join the Branson Centre’s accelerator programme?

I heard about the Branson Centre through friends who had been through the programme. I decided to join because I saw that my friends’ experiences at the Branson Centre benefited their business operations, and I believe that the Centre can help me improve and grow my business too.

Identify 2 – 3 transformational benefits you believe your business will experience at the end of the programme?
I expect to better my business operations, to see increased profits, and to have the tools to improve Human Resources.

Tell us a little about your background and where your passion for business began?
Since I was a little girl, I have always gravitated to business.  I started off in high school baking and selling tamarind cheesecakes.  I would use the income from this business to buy a plane ticket to go abroad for the summer holidays.

What does the future hold for your business?
I want to see The Cove grow into a bigger organization, keeping environmental preservation as a priority, while creating more jobs opportunities for local men and women.  


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