Are you an entrepreneur ready to scale your business? We can help!

Scaling your business to be sustainable and profitable doesn’t happen overnight. It requires innovation, strategic guidance, governance and investment.

Our 3 month accelerator programme is perfect for entrepreneurs that are ready to scale from small to medium size businesses.

Our objective is to help you scale and grow exponentially. During the 6 month programme, entrepreneurs will go through a series of trainings to support not only their company’s growth but also their own personal growth as a leader.

Throughout the 3 months entrepreneurs will :

  • learn or sharpen their skills as a CEO through our workshops
  • develop strategic plans in our bootcamps
  • get direction and be held accountable to those plans through their mentorship and coaching sessions with their board of advisors
  • network, share ideas and get help from their peers in our monthly CEO meetings
  • have an opportunity to pitch to real investors in the quarterly pitch events and demo day

Programme Details:

Entrepreneurs in our accelerator programme will have full access to three core pillars of our programme:

  • Training
  • Governance and accountability
  • Access to capital

Investment Boot Camp

Investment Readiness Boot Camp is a customised intense programme that prepares entrepreneurs to attract angel and venture capital investments. The programme focuses on:

  • Equity Investment
  • Business Valuation
  • Business Pitch Deck Development
  • Business Pitch Deck Evaluation
  • Pitch Preparation


The workshop series is designed to address entrepreneurs pain points. The three (3) half-day workshops are facilitated by industry leaders and covers the following topics:

  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Core Operations
  • Strategic Finance

CEO Meetings

Every month we’ll be getting together with all the CEO’s within the cohort. These sessions are a key way to tap into the knowledge and expertise of your fellow entrepreneurs and the Branson Centre Caribbean Team. At each session, we’ll ask you to share an update tracking your company’s progress against your milestones using pre-defined KPI’s, as well as inviting you to share any challenges that you’re currently facing and ones that the group might be able to help overcome.

Board of Advisors

You will be paired with 5 experts that will comprise your board of advisors. You will have access to this board for 12 months. Together they will provide you with the knowledge and skills designed to help you further accelerate your business and maximise any investment you receive.

*Ongoing Pitch Sessions *
Every quarter we invite real investors looking for high-quality deals to listen to pitches. This is your chance to get in front of top angel and venture capital investors.

Demo Day/Graduation

This is the final pitch session during your programme. All graduates will be invited to pitch for real investment to a panel of investors. This is your time to shine and show the growth and progress you’ve made during your time in the Branson Centre Caribbean programme.

How to Get There

Branson Centre Caribbean entrepreneurs are thoroughly vetted. We seek out entrepreneurs with scalable businesses that demonstrate the highest potential for impact and return on investment, who have a distinct social mindset, and are self-determined, high-achieving stalwarts. These entrepreneurs are rising stars and emerging leaders – the best of the best.

Each year we specially select a few entrepreneurs who fit this profile. Our assessment process includes careful review of each entrepreneur’s Business Plan or Pitch Deck, growth strategy, value proposition, investment potential and commitment to a socially-conscious business model that integrates people, planet and profit.

Branson Centre Caribbean entrepreneurs are change-makers, innovators and leaders. They are strong ambassadors for both entrepreneurship and the Branson Centre Caribbean, and are committed to scaling a Caribbean business.

If this sounds like you, click here to apply for our next cohort intake.