Kemal Brown is on a mission to create global digital experiences

Digita Global Marketing Limited is a globally focused media and technologies company based in Kingston, Jamaica. Founded by Kemal Brown, Digita was established with the belief that it could produce groundbreaking work that simultaneously displays local talent and mastery of the digital space — putting the region on the map.

We recently had a chat to get to know more about Kemal, his business, and why he decided to join Branson Centre’s scaleup accelerator programme

Tell us about your business:  

We create digital experiences, develop products, tools and services aligned with digital technologies and transformation and execute marketing and data services for companies and state bodies across the Caribbean and wider world.

Digita started with a belief that locally, we could produce groundbreaking work that could simultaneously display our talent and mastery of digital, while putting the region and everything that makes us unique on display.

I believe what makes the company special are our core values and core philosophy of Kaizen. It is a commitment to growing daily, remaining flexible to change and to fostering innovation, daily.


How did you hear about the Branson Centre and why did you decide to join its accelerator programme?

I’ve been aware of the Branson Centre for many years. I’ve seen many close friends go through the programme and become much more confident and competent entrepreneurs. I see my acceptance as the stars finally aligning. I joined to take my business global and to rest on those with more experience in making this happen. I am also deeply interested in the networking opportunities that the Centre will afford me and the potential for investment at the end of the programme.


What is the most important thing that running a business has taught you?

Patience, perseverance and the importance of emotional intelligence.


How does your business benefit the wider community and the environment?

Digita has provided employment to over 50 persons since its founding, in both full time and part time capacities. We operate a very green company and do not even own a printer. We have energy conservation policies and leverage tech to reduce our operational load on the environment. The company has also contributed to several philanthropic pursuits and organizations such as sponsoring youth clubs, giving to charities and executing book drives in partnership with service clubs.


What does the future hold for your business?

World domination! But in one word it would be: expansion. The future includes expanding our business lines, evolving as the digital industry evolves. We project that year five will bring us closer to our IPO. I hope to also launch our first international branch in 2019 and build out a competent team of executives who can help me truly realize the global vision of the organization.



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