Jonathan & Daniel Barcant

Jonathan & Daniel Barcant

Vetiver TT Ecological Engineering Solutions Ltd.

Vetiver TT Ecological Engineering Solutions Ltd provides green and cost effective plant based solutions to solve many soil and water related challenges.

We combine geotechnical and water resource (civil) engineering expertise with the use of vetiver grass as a bioengineering tool, given its fibrous root system which grows up to 10 ft deep within 2 years, to help with slope stabilization, erosion control, soil and water conservation, and infrastructure protection – think natural retaining walls that cost 20-30% the price of rock, steel and concrete!

In many cases we are therefore able to help clients save significant amounts of money and implement green, sustainable and more attractive solutions as compared to more expensive traditional methods. We supply design and install solutions to residential, commercial and public works projects, and also work in the NGO space taking these solutions to rural communities and farmers on hillside lands.


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Trinidad & Tobago


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