Sheresa Dixon

Sheresa Dixon


Sheresa Dixon is a proud Jamaican who considers herself an expert on all things Jamaican. She loves to learn about the cultures of the world through interaction with people and enjoys exposing authentic Jamaica to the island’s visitors.  Her company, Eventuality Tours, is a safe, reliable and professional domestic tour company that focuses on cultural edutainment.  The company offers tour packages, airport transfers, shuttle bus services, event coordination, group excursions, private tours, customized tours. It also sources accommodations for customers.  Sheresa believes that while tours are fun and laid back, her team members must always be professional. As such, all her team members are certified and trained in customer service by the Jamaica Tourist Board and Tourism Product Development Company. Sheresa believes in the infectious spirit of Jamaica – known as one of the happiest places in the world – and offers value in her ability to enable guests to create their own reality as they experience pure, authentic pockets of Jamaican culture in controlled, but natural and tranquil Island settings.

Additionally, Eventuality Tours provides contractual employment for bus drivers and tour guides as well as support for existing tourist attractions across Jamaica, which contributes to the Jamaican economy.

Eventuality means a possible event or outcome. To Sheresa, each excursion is an event. This approach helps her exceed customers’ expectations time and time again. The aim of Eventuality Tours is to preserve Jamaica’s culture through travel and events, by immersing each tourist into the culture and allowing them to be a Jamaican in Jamaica for a day or two, stepping outside of the Euro-American resort experience – experiencing the island as a converted local even for just a few hours. Sheresa and her team are committed to exposing visitors to an intimate feel of Jamaican food, music, places, people and cultural heritage.


Kingston, Jamaica