Sara Stanford

Sara Stanford


When Sara Stanford started Bliss Bridal Boutique she did it with the core belief that weddings should be filled with fond memories. Bliss Bridal Boutique was started by Sara, a Jamaican business owner for over 12 years. She got engaged in 2011 and after experiencing the wedding dress industry firsthand, Sara said; “I can do it better,” and just like that, Bliss Bridal was born. Sara has upped the ante in the local bridal industry. She is the only authorized dealer in Jamaica for many of the brands that she carries. As such, brides can rent designer gowns from some of the world’s most recognized wedding gown brands, or order and purchase any gown from the collections of those designers. Having a pure unadulterated passion for brides and their wedding gowns helps to make the atmosphere at Bliss Bridal Boutique stand out. Their hands-on approach is a signature part of their service offering, which is a refreshing departure from many of the standard bridal shops and over-priced boutiques on the island. Bliss Bridal Boutique is located in  Kingston, Jamaica but they have also partnered with top vacation resorts along the North Coast to provide destination brides with a dress rental service. This service was developed in an effort to minimize the hassle and additional cost that brides incur when traveling with a gown. There is no shortage of styles at Bliss Bridal as they keep abreast of the latest bridal fashions from around the globe. A Bliss bride takes home a beautiful gown at a great price with the satisfaction of knowing that she’ll have a reliable partner right up until her wedding day.


88 Barbican Road
Shop #9
Kingston 6, Jamaica