Nick Davis

Nick Davis


Nick Davis conceptualized his company, One One Cacao (to be launched in early 2016), because he wanted to enjoy tasty chocolate in the cleanest and purest form possible without having to worry about his allergies. Nick also sees a challenge that he wishes to solve in Jamaica – the island produces some of the best cacao in the world, yet makes a comparatively minuscule amount of chocolate. He’s also looking to add a Jamaican twist to chocolate.

By starting One One Cacao, Nick plans to address all three elements of his vision through one company. He will work alongside small growers to produce and refine fine flavour cacao to manufacture super strong dark chocolates that not only taste great but also combine local super foods that add health benefits to this already antioxidant-rich luxury treat. The chocolates are also vegan, gluten-free and have unique Jamaican flavours which include: soursop and cinnamon, coconut ash and plantain, vanilla and cashew as well as West Indian spices, roots, herbs and flowers.

Nick’s basic mission is to produce some of the best chocolate in the world and also to pay a fair wage to the farmers who tend the trees. One One Cacao is based by the sea at Quarterdeck, Boscobel, and will promote agritourism by offering tours to visitors who want to see how the chocolate bars are made. Visitors will also be able to make their own personalised chocolates from bean to bar.


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St. Mary, Jamaica