Christian Sweeney

Christian Sweeney


Fuzion Foodservice started in 2011, after chef Christian Sweeney noticed a gap in the market for an elevated level of cuisine in the catering landscape. Since founding, the company has expanded into all sectors of the market to remain profitable, but Christian’s true passion is creating high-quality menus that is a fusion of Jamaican flavourful traditions, with new world gastronomy.

This company is a culmination of passion that started at the age of 7 when Christian was cooking in secret to not be punished by my parents for using the oven. After high school, he earned a bachelor’s degree in culinary management from the Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale. On returning to Jamaica, Christian started out doing small catered events and consultations. The company has since grown exponentially, while taking a stake in a food tourism company called Jamaica Food Tours, along the way. Today Fuzion does do consultation, food styling, catering, concessions, and corporate foodservice marketing solutions.


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Kingston, Jamaica