Melanie Levy

Melanie Levy


Candy Craze began making lives sweeter and creating unique experiences in 2013 when Melanie Levy – owner, entrepreneur and all-round sweet-tooth – launched the business as not just a candy store, but as a place to bring joy and excitement to anyone that walked in. 

What makes Candy Craze so special is their high-energy culture – with all customers cheerfully greeted, sung to, and told to ‘Have a sweet day’. Now Jamaica’s premium candy and ice cream store, Candy Craze specialises in over 200 types of candy and chocolates (we’re talking gummy, hard, sour, sweet, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and sugar free treats just to name a few).

Melanie and her team are dedicated to growing the company and delivering unique environments to children and adults alike.


(876) 924-4881

Kingston, Jamaica