Terri Benjamin

Terri Benjamin


Food that is healthy, delicious, and caters to those with allergies and diet restrictions may sound like a tall order—but Terri Benjamin is committed to changing the way people eat with Chic Gourmet. As a raw vegan chef, health coach and holistic nutritionist, Terri’s career took her away from her home for some time. Upon returning to the British Virgin Islands, she realized that food options for people with eating habits similar to hers were in short supply. She began making her own meals and sharing them with friends and family. Their overwhelmingly positive reaction to her creativity in the kitchen culminated in the birth of Chic Gourmet: an allergy-free bake job and juice bar specializing in raw vegan meals, juices and smoothies and more.

Chic Gourmet has expanded into artisan meals, food gifts, and catering for all occasions—all while remaining true to its mission to stay vegan and allergy-free. Terri’s mission is bigger than her storefront, however. Most of the raw ingredients are sourced from local and regional Caribbean farmers, particularly those using sustainable practices. “Introducing healthier eating options to the surrounding communities is easier when people know where the food comes from,” she says.  Terri is committed to educating the people around her when it comes to eating clean. With juvenile diabetes and chronic diseases at their highest numbers in the BVI, she and Chic Gourmet are working to change the perception of alternative eating and promote health and good taste for all.



Tortola, British Virgin Islands