Leanne Spence

Leanne Spence

Instant Save Conservation Solutions Ltd.

Instant-Save Conservation is a family owned water conservation company. We provide water saving solutions for property owners and managers, helping them lower utility costs and helping the country improve its water management by addressing overuse and inefficiency in residential, commercial and institutional sectors.

We conduct building water use assessments, fix leaks and retrofit or replace plumbing fixtures to their high efficiency counterparts resulting in a reduction in water, energy and sewer costs and supporting sustainable water supplies.

We are passionate about this cause as not one living thing can survive without water and we believe with technology water conservation can become a way of life without compromising luxury and satisfaction.

We started because we saw a gap and need in the market, we continue because with global concerns of water scarcity, droughts, environmental degradation and increasing water rates, our business is our environmental responsibility.




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