Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez


Founded in 2002, Liquid Light Digital is an award-winning live action and animation production house. The company has produced over 350 productions for broadcast, training, education and entertainment for markets all over the world. From concept development to overall project strategy, Liquid Light Digital fuses creative video direction, bold visual styles and the latest techniques and technologies in digital imagery and visualization to achieve our client’s objectives.

In 2017, the Liquid Light Digital branched out into IP development, developing two animated children’s shows, “Julie Jamrock” and “Irie Island”, and one science-fiction action adventure feature film script “Roots: Emergence”, while securing the rights to “Firm Response”, an action drama feature film. The properties have garnered interest from international broadcasters including BBC and Netflix, and represent an opportunity for growth not only for the company, but also the Jamaican film and animation sectors as a whole.


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Kingston, Jamaica


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