A Pathway to Venture Capital in Jamaica

A Pathway to Venture Capital in Jamaica

When we shifted our strategy in 2018 from startup to scale-up, we knew that we had to renew our focus on investment as the target outcome for our programme. We had seen time and time again that the real shift
in our entrepreneurs towards becoming business leaders, happened when outside investors came on board. The infusion of capital into their businesses fostered stronger governance and decision-making.

As a result, we were very deliberate about creating a pool of venture capital that would come to the Centre regularly to view ventures, give feedback and make investments of between US$1 million and US$2 million in each deal. A number of investors answered the call. The Centre is in the unique position of hosting this grouping of titans of the financial services industry who send their CEOs and senior teams to engage with and invest in entrepreneurs
trying to make the leap. These investors include NCB, Proven Investments, PanJam Investment, GK Capital and Norbrook Capital Partners.

When an entrepreneur walks into our pitch room and sees CEOs of some of the largest companies in Jamaica around a table together, looking at them expectantly, it can be an intimidating experience. The work we do at the Centre is to help make the investment process less intimidating and more accessible for our entrepreneurs, while
at the same time preparing entrepreneurs to successfully access capital of this size.

2018 was our first year pursuing this approach in a structured way, and we are doubling down on this strategy in 2019. As the entrepreneur ecosystem matures, the Branson Centre aims to revolutionize the venture capital space, as we did the startup space.


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