Ricardo Berris

Ricardo Berris


Ricardo Berris always wanted a way to convert his passion for technology into a business that would transcend Caribbean borders and create an impact in the world. He started the MI Group in 2013, which provides a cadre of mobile and internet solutions for small and medium-size companies. They assist their clients to create and/or develop their presence online across all mobile and internet channels including Mobile, e-Marketing, e-Business, e-Commerce and logistics. MI Group of Companies helps SMEs in Jamaica, Bahamas, Colombia and the USA to get a better footprint of their online presence. The MI Group also offers convenient logistic shipping solutions for the movement of goods from North America to Columbia and Jamaica.

The MI Group takes pride in providing services that are delivered professionally in the areas of email, Social and Web Marketing, SMS and Mobile Applications, Creative Graphic/Content and Web Design/Development, Online Surveys, CRM Application, business to business e-commerce and Drop-Shipping

Through the MI Group, Ricardo is helping Caribbean SMEs to achieve their online technology and logistics goals, which means growth and prosperity for sustainable employment and job creation and in the region. Having a multi-cultural and bi-lingual (English and Spanish) company gives MI Group an edge over competitors and allows networking across North America, Colombia and Jamaica. This is backed by outstanding customer service, a qualified team and more than 50 years of combined experience.

Ricardo believes technology will continue to be the core driving force for most if not all sectors and will facilitate businesses being able to expand markets and presence across the Caribbean.



Kingston, Jamaica