Nicolette Bennett

Nicolette Bennett


Nicolette grew up in a home where entrepreneurship was how her mother made ends meet. She started learning the ropes from as young as 13 yrs old, and it was these early business lessons that eventually led to the formation of Earth Essence JA – a natural hair care product line that uses local ingredients to produce targeted benefits and assist people to live naturally. Earth Essence JA sources 80% of its raw materials from the local market by working with local farming cooperatives and individual producers. Their ingredients are each chosen for the targeted benefits they provide to hair, such as Jamaican coconut milk and oil, authentic Jamaican castor oil, aloe vera juice, honey and various medicinal herbs (neem, medina, hibiscus, rose to name a few).   Nicolette is dedicated to the growth of her business as she continues to expand her product offering to develop a full line of hair care products that rebuild and renew. She is currently in the process of developing a growth serum made from natural oils that have properties that increase growth and are infused with her own secret herbal mix to maximize its potential benefits. Earth Essence JA’s products can be found in beauty supply stores throughout Kingston and the surrounding parish.


Greater Portmore, St. Catherine
Jamaica, W.I.