Nichole Crawford Thompson

Nichole Crawford Thompson


Niritech Limited is a technology company offering a variety of services geared towards education and technology integration. Niritech is the brainchild of husband-and-wife-duo, Nichole and Ricardo Thompson, who are very passionate about the power of technology to change lives.

Nichole is firm in her belief that education is the key to success, but acknowledges that access to quality education is a major challenge for many people in Jamaica and the developing world. Realizing the need for a more flexible, convenient and cost-effective option for learning, Nichole left her job as a secondary school teacher and embarked on a journey to change the way people are educated in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. Under the Niritech brand, she developed and launched the “Learn on the Go Caribbean” initiative in 2014. “Learn on the Go” is an online platform that connects learners to experienced instructors and allows them to participate in live online classes for CXC exam preparation. Not only is Niritech providing access to education, it is also creating employment opportunities for teachers and young professionals.

Nichole’s efforts have resulted in participation at the Slush Global Impact Accelerator in 2015, and in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2016.  Her latest projects will focus on improving school administration and teacher performance in the classroom. A self-dubbed “change agent,” Nichole and Niritech show no signs of slowing down in their efforts to bring about education reform in the Caribbean and around the world.


Kingston, Jamaica