Lenette Lewis

Lenette Lewis


Lenette Lewis has always loved nature. With a degree in Marine Biology and a Masters in Tropical Coastal Management, she was all set for a career in marine science and environmental preservation. As fate would have it, however, she found a new path.

Sageroots is Lenette’s answer to the natural movement in skincare and cosmetics. When she returned home after her studies, she made a promise to herself to use healthier personal care products. Finding such things proved to be a challenge in the BVI and so, together with cousins Kristin, Kristol and Pamela, she launched her own line of home and skincare products handcrafted from locally grown, natural and organic ingredients.

At present, the Sageroots lineup includes the Signature Virgin Butter Blend, beeswax candles, lip balms, and body scrubs.  The business is always growing, however, and Lenette is on track to expand the product offering to include cleansers, hair and face serums, toners, and more. What truly sets the brand apart is its commitment to the environment. Lenette has not forgotten her connection to nature, and Sageroots is very much a love letter to sustainability.

“We choose ingredients that are effective, natural, and local whenever possible,” says Lenette. “ We also look at sustainable harvesting. We want to adopt best practices in every aspect, from product formulation to packaging to manufacturing to ensure that the business continues to work in harmony with the environment.”

With their commitment to the environment, high-quality products, and big plans for the future, Lenette and Sageroots are redefining beauty- just the way nature intended.



Road Town, British Virgin Islands