Latoya Williams

Latoya Williams


Latoya has always had ambitious goals when it came on to family history. She started on her business journey when she set out to trace her family’s lineage from Jamaica back to Africa. Now she wants to connect all the families of the world, one generation at a time. She realized the gap for a well-defined, one-stop provider for Genealogy services that targeted Caribbean populations including the Diaspora. After collaborations with other partners, The Generation Tap was born.

The Generation Tap is a genealogical research company based in Kingston, Jamaica. The current crop of offerings by The Generation Tap include Lineage Research and will expand to include Family Networking and Reunions, Family finder services, Multi-media products such as Memoriams / Biographies, and  Memorabilia. With years of experience and professional training, The Generation Tap makes it possible for people of Caribbean descent to research their family history without expending considerable persona time, expense or hassle.

The Generation Tap is helping to unravel family mysteries and break down ‘brick-walls’ that are common in Caribbean genealogy. Through her business, Latoya is helping Jamaicans answer questions like “Who am I? “Where did my people come from, and “What are their stories?”.

Latoya expects to launch a series of projects aimed at educating the population about the importance of Family History Research and the positive impact this can have on marginalized and at-risk youth in family-fractured societies.

Latoya holds a Bachelors degree in Management from the University of the West Indies and is on the path to becoming the Caribbean’s first board-certified professional genealogist after she completes the AAS in Family History Research at Brigham Young University Idaho.


Kingston, Jamaica