Heneka Watkis-Porter

Heneka Watkis-Porter


Heneka Watkis-Porter is an entrepreneur on a mission to take Jamaican language to the world! She started Patwa Culcha International (formerly Patwa Apparel) to commemorate and celebrate Jamaican dialect/patois through the creation of tangible and non-tangible memorabilia branded with popular Jamaican words and catchphrases. Heneka felt the need to share her patriotic spirit by creating products that evoke Jamaican pride and capture the island’s fun-loving spirit for use across the world.

Being exposed at a young age to clothing and textile class during high school, Heneka later acquired important experience as a Procurement Officer both at a leading distribution company in Jamaica and the Port Authority of Jamaica where she was a buyer for the Kingston Container Terminal, a port listed among the top 100 ports in the world.
Patwa Culcha International has also developed an ‘ethical culture’ programme, which targets ‘at-risk’ males in marginalized communities in the inner city for an internship in music, photography, and videography. These youths are able to apply for full-time positions within the company after successful completion of the internship.
Combine Heneka’s experience, her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for Jamaican culture, and you get one dynamic and engaging company that is actively scaling and spreading the spirit of Jamaican culture and language across the world.



876-849-2571 / 876-336-8130
Kingston, Jamaica