Craslyn Benjamin

Craslyn Benjamin


Benlar Foods has taken “a fresh approach” to agriculture with a vision to grow a solid food and beverage company by providing nutritious, healthy and convenient foods to their customers where ever they are. In developing a global consumer brand,” Benlar is committed to producing and selling high quality food and beverage products for both domestic and international markets.

For Benlar’s founder Craslyn Benjamin, it all started in her grandfather’s backyard. Seeds took root not just in that small garden, but also in the mind of young Craslyn herself. After obtaining a diploma in International Shipping and a BSc. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Caribbean Maritime Institute, Craslyn plunged into the industry as a Customer Relations Officer at Grace Foods International. Now with over twelve years of experience in product distribution, shipping, and international marketing, she has a new goal: to set up a packing and processing facility operating at “first world” standard—the first of its kind in Jamaica.

With Benlar Foods, Craslyn seeks to spearhead such a facility and obtain international certification from bodies such as the FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) and WQS (World Quality Services). This will enhance the credibility of Jamaican produce for international export. At present, the company practices agricultural forecasting and consistently supplies to major restaurant and supermarket chains without restriction due to weather and other unforeseen natural obstacles. Above all, Benlar Foods aims to become a company that provides healthy, convenient food and services while contributing to the development of local communities, and Jamaica as a whole.


St. Elizabeth, Jamaica