Cordell Williams-Graham

Cordell Williams-Graham


Cordell Williams is a life and business strategist, motivational speaker, author and community leader with an undying passion for helping others to maximize their unique gifts, opportunities and resources to achieve their goals and create a life, business or career that they love and can be proud of.

This led her to start Transformational Life Solutions (TLS). TLS is a company based in Jamaica offering a one stop shop for products, services and events geared towards helping individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate entities to realize their full potential while positively impacting the world around them.

Transformational Life Solutions offers e-books, online programmes and one-on-one and/or group coaching. They also offer customized workshops, seminars and conferences around a wide range of focus areas including, but not limited to: health and wellness, wealth creation, team work, sponsorships, strategic planning and goal setting, marketing, relationships and intimacy, website development, leadership and spirituality. In order to enhance their clients’ chances for success, TLS collaborates with local and international partners to facilitate increased access to capacity building opportunities. These opportunities include, access to funding, equipment, employment, scholarships and career or business coaching.

A portion of every dollar goes towards their World Changers Programme (WCP) – a social mission that is dedicated to empowering unattached, troubled, incarcerated and involuntarily returned (deported) youth. Through the WCP they equip these groups with capacity building opportunities and life and practical skills that help them seamlessly reintegrate into society, improve their standard of living and become active catalysts for the growth and development of their communities.


Kingston, Jamaica