Anna-Kay  Tomlinson

Anna-Kay Tomlinson


Anna-Kay Tomlinson, affectionately known as “Miss T”, opened Miss T’s Kitchen in May 2009, fulfilling her lifelong dream of creating a truly authentic Jamaican dining experience. Her passion for cooking, knowledge of Caribbean herbs and spices and years of catering experience resulted in her blending the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds of her island home into an unforgettable cultural celebration. She has created a restaurant that is exemplary of all things Jamaican: the rustic country cuisine, the colourful culture, and the great outdoors.

There are no walls at Miss T’s Kitchen. Just a roof held up by tree-like posts decorated with red fairy lights. “No walls” describes the real Miss T and no limitations! Anna-Kay Tomlinson is a self-taught chef who turned her enthusiasm for cooking into a dedicated gourmet Jamaican restaurant not just in Ocho Rios but the entire Jamaica.


(876) 795-0099

Ocho Rios, Jamaica