Branson Centre Caribbean is on a mission to change the prospects of entrepreneurship for good and we need your help to do it.

We’re constantly on the lookout for highly experienced business people to help us nurture the next generation of talented Caribbean entrepreneurs. As a MENTOR, COACH or PROFESSIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER (PSP), you will guide entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and realise their potential. You’ll help them understand problems, identify solutions and implement their plans.

We’re looking for people who have held senior management positions or have significant entrepreneurial experience, with a desire to make a difference in business. In addition, we are looking for persons who are:

  • Committed and available to meet virtually or in-person on a regular basis
  • Patient and responsive
  • Attentive to detail
  • Able to explain difficult concepts in simple terms
  • Able to communicate honest feedback tactfully

We’re looking for volunteers in each of the categories below. Click on the link below the category that best describes you and sign up to indicate your interest. We will send you a follow-up email with next steps.


Mentors act as a general sounding board for a Branson Centre Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can bounce ideas and challenges off you to get advice about business model iteration as well as general advice and support. You will also be able to signpost them to other options they may not have considered and introduce them to networks. Mentors are able to commit a minimum of 2 hours per month for 6 months.

Strategic Coaches

A Strategic Coach assists a Branson Centre Caribbean entrepreneur to create strategic objectives and goals to drive the overall performance of their business. Through monthly check-ins, you will help monitor their progress towards achieving these objectives, motivating them and holding them accountable along the way. Strategic Coaches are able to commit a minimum of 3 hours per month for 12 months.

Finance Coaches

A Finance Coach assists an entrepreneur who has received funding through the Branson Centre Caribbean, providing advice on areas such as bookkeeping, cash flow management, budgeting, and projections. You may also be able to advise those entrepreneurs who are seeking funding for the first time. Finance Coaches are able to commit a minimum of 2 hours per month for 12 months.

Professional Service Providers

Businesses needs specific services to structure and scale along its growth trajectory. If you are professional with expertise in a specific area of business, such as accounting, marketing, commercial law or other; and can donate 1-2 pro bono hours per month, then you can join our pool of Professional Service Providers who are meeting some of our entrepreneurs’ most critical needs.


We’re always looking for strategic partners who can help us to reach new horizons. Having strong partners who can open doors, fill a gap or enhance our offerings are key to enabling our expansion throughout the region. Our programme provides partners with important opportunities to give-back, collaborate with the Branson Centre Caribbean and its entrepreneurs, and gain added value through entitlements and brand association.

Benefits of Volunteering

While you won’t get paid for being a volunteer, there are lots of other benefits that come with the role. We often find that mentors coaches and PSP’s enjoy the experience so much that they give more time than the required minimum. You’ll receive:

  • The personal satisfaction of being able to give something back
  • The chance to pass on all you have learned about good business to someone who will benefit from your experience
  • To practice your managerial skills and guide your entrepreneur through a key stage in their career
  • A boost to your own career by adding mentorship and or coaching to your skillset
  • A fresh perspective on your own career and feel energised thanks to your entrepreneur’s fresh enthusiasm

Indicate your interest by clicking on one of the links above and filling out our expression of interest form. We will contact you in 2-3 weeks with next steps.