A community of entrepreneurs

A Hybrid Approach

At the core of our model is the belief that entrepreneurs thrive when they are connected to a robust and strong network of other like-minded entrepreneurs and allies. That’s why our hybrid approach combines virtual training with in-person activities and events that nurture the local entrepreneurial eco-system. By providing a comprehensive mix of services, including practical and high-impact business skills training and access to a robust global network, we help entrepreneurs at various stages take their businesses to the next level. If small companies stay small and don’t scale, then there will be no shift in the regional economy.

Technology & Human Touch

Technology is key to scaling business in this day and age, and we embrace the use of technology in delivering our entrepreneur support programme. Through technology we are able to provide critical training, make smart mentorship matches and streamline our operations. However, at the end of the day, it’s the human connection that makes the difference. We deliver 1-to-1 coaching, networking events, mentorship and expertise pairing, as well as dedicated in-house support for our entrepreneurs to ensure that we do not lose the key ingredient of our programme – the human touch.

Going Regional

As we continue to scale the programme into the wider Caribbean, we identify local partners in key islands where we aim to launch. We set up operations on the ground or work through local partners who are responsible for executing the programme’s on-the-ground activities and events in combination with the virtual training. Through this hybrid approach, we will take our successfully tested model to other islands throughout the region. By employing lessons learned from the hybrid model, we are raising the game of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean as we continually expand and enhance the programme.

Branson Centre Official Entrepreneurs

We look for high-potential, fundable entrepreneurs who can make an enormous impact on the global marketplace. Our entrepreneurs are:


We provide Caribbean entrepreneurs critical support services to help them structure and scale their businesses. We do this by offering a comprehensive mix of services, accessible no matter what stage they are along the entrepreneurial journey.

Our Team

Keisha Hudson

Operations Manager