What We Do

The long and short of it is that we provide Caribbean entrepreneurs with critical support services to help them structure and scale their businesses. We do this by offering a comprehensive mix of on demand services that they can access at different times along their entrepreneurial journey. We challenge the way Caribbean entrepreneurs think and actively change the way business is done as usual.

“The best way forward is to give more people everywhere greater power to build their own destinies.” Richard Branson

Changing the Game

Our approach to entrepreneurship development is based on world-class principles and approaches delivered with local flair. We have a unique sensibility that combines global thinking and local understanding. By encouraging entrepreneurs and local business leaders to embrace a progressive start-up culture that empowers entrepreneurs to create markets and create change, we are changing the game of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.

Making Entrepreneurs ‘Bankable’

Before an entrepreneur can access financing to grow their business, they need to nail the art of communicating externally about their business and its value proposition. Creating a Business Pitch Deck that ‘hunts’ and delivering a stellar Elevator Pitch are key elements in an entrepreneur’s ability to attract investment. Through the training that we offer on Branson Centre Caribbean Online, entrepreneurs learn to structure their businesses, build out their Business Pitch Deck and successfully deliver a verbal pitch. If they are accepted into the programme after training, they receive further guidance and support in becoming ‘bankable.’

Business as a Force for Good

Our founder, Richard Branson, has called for businesses to focus their energies on becoming a positive force, rather than simply chasing profit. As a successful entrepreneur who has launched over 300 companies, he knows as well as anyone that a company’s profitability matters. But, it doesn’t end there. There is a better way of doing business that puts people and planet alongside profit. We help entrepreneurs understand that using business for good is good for business. Every single business, not just ‘social businesses,’ can and should have a positive impact on people and planet.