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Shaundrice Foster


G-Weed Cosmetics is a herbal personal care cosmetics brand.

Meet Shanundrice Foster, the founder of G-Weed Cosmetics, which is a herbal personal care cosmetics brand, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to wellness through self-care. Specialising in hair and skincare products crafted with the herb guinea hen weed used as a base, G-Weed Cosmetics distinguishes itself by delivering the herb's healing benefits to naturopathic users. Pioneering guinea hen weed's integration into mainstream cosmetics enables the brand to offer a unique approach to natural self-care

Be Flexible: flexibility and adaptability are required to fill the necessary gaps and bring about the reality we want to see.

Shaundrice’s inception of G-Weed took root in 2017 during her second year at UWI, as Shaundrice sought a business idea for investors. Originally named ALL NAT, the concept secured initial seed funding. That company’s subsequent triumph in the UWI Guild Entrepreneurship Competition marked a significant milestone, providing second seed funding. Combining a passion for natural products with her late father's research on guinea hen weed, and being driven by an eco-friendly and sustainable ethos that would manifest itself in every aspect of the business, Shaundrice formed G-Weed Cosmetics.

G-Weed Cosmetics sets its sights on a promising future, aspiring to become a household name that represents Jamaica's authenticity. As the brand expands its digital presence, e-commerce capabilities and product range, it remains committed to raising awareness about the benefits of guinea hen weed. G-Weed Cosmetics is dedicated to fostering connections and making a positive impact on women across various spheres, all while staying true to its environmentally conscious values.


Meet Kerry-Ann Brown, an exclusive mathematics and physics lecturer, education consultant, and assessment specialist with over 15 years of experience in the education sector. Kerry-Ann holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's degree in mathematics teaching, both from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). Additionally, Kerry-Ann has a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of the West Indies (UWI). She is dedicated to serving her students, colleagues, supervisors, school and community, showcasing outstanding time management skills and a wealth of knowledge in student services.

Kerry-Ann's entrepreneurial journey was a result of her passion for business, which emerged during her teaching experience when she felt restricted in making significant decisions to improve students' performance. Consequently, she decided to venture out on her own, aiming to demonstrate the true potential of customised education and empower others to join her cause.

SKYHIGH Customised Education, specialisesin supporting studentsin mastering foundationalskillsin reading and mathematics

Kerry-Ann’s educational institution, SKYHIGH Customised Education, specialises in supporting students in mastering foundational skills in reading and mathematics while preparing them for the grade level and standardized exams. Using the National Standards Curriculum and accredited assessment methods, SKYHIGH identifies students' strengths and weaknesses to design personalised learning packages that foster improved performance at and above their grade level

What distinguishes SKYHIGH Customised Education from the competition is its unique self-designed assessment tools and tailored support programs for clients. The SKYHIGH team prides themselves on identifying and nurturing the necessary skill-sets to unlock students' full potential. Kerry-Ann looks forward to a promising future, with plans to expand her brand by establishing additional branches and sections such as SKYHIGH CXC Online Academy, SKYHIGH Math Institute and SKYHIGH Smart AcademyDigital High School. Her vision is for SKYHIGH to become the preferred institution for tackling educational challenges globally.

Kerry-Ann Brown


Saffron Brown


By SaffronSafari is an expression of innate beauty, elegance and style. A premium brand specialising in bespoke swim and resort wear.

Saffron Brown, a born creative, was nurtured by both parents who were creatives in their own right, fostering her freedom of expression from a young age. At the age of 16, Saffron attended The Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, where her passion for business blossomed. At Edna Manley, Saffron realised that she could turn her love for creative endeavours into a profitable venture, beautifying spaces, people and objects.

Resilience to understand that all good things take time.

In 2012, Saffron's entrepreneurial journey began with handmade candles and received strong support from friends and family. Subsequently, she conceived SafarixxSwimwear JA, inspired by the birth of her daughter and the desire to create modest swimwear. Since then, she has rebranded to By SaffronSafari, her premium fashion brand specializing in swim and resort wear, that empowers women to feel their best in all of life’s seasons. Saffron's expertise in sewing allowed her to craft new styles and source fabrics for the perfect fit, meeting the demand for custom-made clothing.

By SaffronSafari not only benefits the wider community by catering to individuals who resonate with its style and values, but also aims to uplift women through skills training and job creation. Saffron envisions achieving carbon neutrality through recycled materials, promoting conscious consumerism and extending By SaffronSafari's reach to represent Jamaica alongside other international high-end fashion houses.

Powhermoves Servicesis a consultancy specializing in Digital Marketing Solutions, Team Enrichment, Workshop Facilitation, and training forsmall and medium-sized businesses.

After nearly two decades of expertise as a youth and programme development specialist, Ruth Lawrence realised that her mission to transform lives, particularly those of young people, aligned perfectly with the essence of the creation of her business - Powhermoves Services. Ruth hails from the vibrant capital city of Kingston, Jamaica, and her experiences and passions intertwined seamlessly with her entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition, Ruth’s journey as a Christian, inspirational international life speaker and author enabled her to find a profound connection with her consultancy.

At Powhermoves Services, Ruth's personal and professional growth converged. Her belief in the potential of small and medium-sized businesses to expand their digital presence resonated deeply with her entrepreneurial spirit. The connection between Ruth's life purpose and the mission of Powhermoves Services has brought forth a powerful synergy, where her experiences, passions and expertise intertwine to create a meaningful and impactful entrepreneurial journey. As her consultancy flourished, it became a conduit to empower individuals and teams, enhancing their skills and mindset to thrive in the digital age.

Be open to learning and not static, as businesses are to be guided by the needs of clients.

Powhermoves Services offers a range of solutions and services designed to support organizations achieve high levels of customer engagement and conversions through tailored Digital Marketing Solutions. Drawing from her background as a programme development specialist within the Ministry of Education and Youth, Ruth understands the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing digital landscape. This insight inspires her consultancy's strong focus on leveraging the power of digital media, content creation and professional capacity and team-building workshops to maximize organizational productivity and profitability.

Ruth Lawrence


Kemesha Bolton


K’S Natural Fruit Desserts manufactures and distributes Natural Fruit Pops and Natural Fruit Dessertsfrom seasonal fruitsin Jamaica

Kemesha Bolton, the founder of K’s Natural Fruit Desserts, is driven by her creative side, cultivated since childhood through participation in cultural activities, stage performances, and teaching creative arts. Established as a sole trader business for the past five years, K’s Natural Fruit Desserts originated from Kemesha's desire to provide fruit options for her son, who had stopped eating fruit.

Nothing is too big to achieve once you apply yourself and trust your abilities.

K's Natural Fruit Desserts specialises in manufacturing and distributing natural fruit pops and natural fruit desserts using locally sourced fruits in Jamaica. The focus is to offer healthier alternatives to sugary treats, aiming to provide enjoyment without the negative effects of longterm lifestyle diseases.

Kemesha’s passion for business lies in nurturing ideas from inception to fruition, akin to presenting a piece of art, and she envisions a bright future for her business. She plans to distribute her fruit pops to every school in Jamaica, to expand globally through exports and to achieve to self-sufficiency by growing and manufacturing all raw materials in-house.

Kabreco Designsis a bespoke wooden accessories company thatspecialisesin customised and personalised gifting solutions.

Kabreco Designs is a bespoke wooden accessories company that specialises in customised and personalised gifting solutions. Their journey began as a creative response to a common dilemma. As a newly married couple dwelling in a quad. They were frustrated by the market's lack of elegant and space-efficient furniture and embarked on a mission to revolutionize small-space living. This pursuit led to the birth of Kabreco Designs and ignited a passion for design, artistry, and innovation. What began humbly as a quest to maximize space has transformed into an awe-inspiring venture that redefines wooden craftsmanship.

The heart of Kabreco Designs beats within the dynamic trio, the visionary founders, Kaya, Eric, and their skilled artisans, whose harmonious synergy breathes life into every creation. Each piece that leaves their hands tells a story of innovation, passion, and precision. Every product created is infused with a deep respect for nature, Jamaican culture, and the art of woodworking. Their innovative approach defies industry norms, leveraging technology to elevate precision and efficiency.

Never give up. There is always a solution to a problem.

Combining a love for woodworking, craftsmanship, innovation and technology, Eric and Kaya take pride in producing high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. Their product range includes monograms, cutting boards, utensils, souvenirs (coasters, keyrings, etc.), desktop solutions, wooden art pieces and personalised gift items.

The mission of Kabreco Designs is to ignite the spaces of their customers with the brilliance of Jamaican innovation. Through their creations, they aspire to forge lasting connections and unforgettable experiences with their customers.

Looking ahead, Eric and Kaya are optimistic about the future, having gained valuable experience from the Branson Centre Accelerator Programme. Both are determined to strengthen and expand their business, making it even more robust as they continue to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Eric & Kaya Coore


Ina Sotirova


Mango Magic is a cinematic movement for a more harmonious, healed and magical world.

Mango Magic is a visionary cinematic movement with a mission to create diverse, uplifting, and globally-relevant audio-visual content for a more harmonious and magical world, led by CEO Ina Sotirova, an award-winning filmmaker and storyteller with 15+ years of media experience.

Be organised; plan ahead; have a solid structure and a strong, dedicated, healthy, happy and trustworthy team.

Fuelled by her passion for exploring and changing the world, Ina initially studied political science and economics, but soon discovered the power of visual storytelling and redirected her path toward photography, journalism and documentary filmmaking. Since moving to Jamaica in 2015, inspired and additionally trained, she expanded her creative horizons into the world of fiction. With a dedication to both creativity and entrepreneurship, Ina has reimagined Mango Magic from a feature film idea to a multi-faceted transmedia intellectual property (IP).

Kemesha’s passion for business lies in nurturing ideas from inception to fruition, akin to presenting a piece of art, and she envisions a bright future for her business. She plans to distribute her fruit pops to every school in Jamaica, to expand globally through exports and to achieve to self-sufficiency by growing and manufacturing all raw materials in-house.

The company envisions producing a range of impactful creative products, including a short (Stinky Mango) and feature film (Mango Magic), video game, NFT (non-fungible tokens) collections, AR (augmented reality) books, and more. Committed to having a positive social impact and green practices on and off set, Mango Magic also plans to launch a line of locally crafted, environmentally-sustainable merchandise, and to lead a Social Impact Campaign aimed at catalysing individual and collective healing through the power of storytelling and community.

The campaign seeks to stimulate discussions and challenge cultural and societal norms surrounding mental health and emotional well-being,

particularly among men and boys, and includes community screenings and discussions across Jamaica, the Caribbean and beyond, as well as the creation of a Film Companion Workbook that dives deeper into the themes of mental and emotional wellness, provides space for self-reflection and offers mental health resources. Both the Mango Magic feature film and video game present uplifting messages about the environment and human relations, catering to young and mature audiences alike.

Handmade by Jeanette Company is a lifestyle company that creates clean granola, unique sauces, and spice rubs.

Jeanette Roxanne Marcelle, born in Trinidad and Tobago, discovered her passion for cooking while working as a server in a Thai restaurant during a school vacation. Uncertain about her career path at the time, Jeanette excelled in cooking, often being praised for the culinary skills inherited from her mother. Determined to make a living doing what she loved, Jeanette enrolled at the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Hospitality and Tourism, where she began her journey as a chef. After completing her internship at the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center, Jeanette then embarked on an adventurous three-year stint cooking on board a prestigious cruise line while satisfying her wanderlust spirit.

Patience: you need tons of it.

Upon returning to Trinidad and Tobago, Jeanette collaborated with local chefs and gained experience in various fine-dining restaurants and hotels. As she pursued her BA (hons) in human resources management and an MBA in marketing with a focus on entrepreneurship, Jeanette realised her desire to go beyond cooking. The global pandemic also pushed Jeanette to reflect deeply on her life's direction. This contemplation led her to launch Handmade by Jeanette Company, a lifestyle brand offering clean granola, unique sauces and spice rubs made from indigenous ingredients such as coconut, cocoa, tamarind, scorpion pepper and orange peel.

Driven by a commitment to job creation and community development, Jeanette sources her fresh produce locally and further supports her community through a farm-to-table project with a children's home. This initiative educates the children about the significance of growing and consuming their homegrown food. Additionally, Jeanette actively participates in donating time and toys to the community's annual children's Christmas party, further emphasising her dedication to making a positive impact beyond her culinary endeavours

Jeanette Marcelle


Jannel Alexander-Reid


Mango Magic is a cinematic movement for a more harmonious, healed and magical world.

Jannel Alexander-Reid, a graduate of The Mico University College with a master's in educational leadership and management, has been an educator for the past 15 years. Her journey as an entrepreneur can be traced back to her childhood, with her mother and a high school teacher recognising her innate entrepreneurial traits at a young age. These early insights and encouragement led her to embrace a combination of entrepreneurship and education, hence the creation of The Institute of JAR

Founded to empower women through skills training and entrepreneurship, Jannel, through JAR, has found what brings her the greatest joy and flexibility of time.

The Institute of JAR is a skillstraining and entrepreneurship school registered with The Ministry of Education in Jamaica.

The Institute of JAR is a registered skills training and entrepreneurship school with The Ministry of Education in Jamaica; it offers a range of short courses (6–8 weeks in duration) in various skill areas and entrepreneurship. Among the courses offered are Events Planning and Decor, Makeup Artistry, Cake Baking and Decorating and Floral Arrangements and Housekeeping.

Driven by her passion for education and entrepreneurship, Jannel is dedicated to empowering women globally. The Institute of JAR aims to foster social and financial independence for women; Jannel’s sense of pride in contributing to national development, women empowerment and economic growth, fuels her vision for endless possibilities in the future.

Got Creative Media (GCM) is a content creation company thatspecializesin photography, photo editing, videography, graphic design, and video production for various marketing and recreational purposes.

Got Creative Media (GCM) is a content creation company founded by Cedric Henry 18 years ago. Led by directors Cedric and Grace Henry, the team at GCM is committed to delivering high-quality work, ensuring fast turnaround times, and prioritising client satisfaction.

Cedric's journey in content creation began with his passion for photography and graphic design which was fostered by his supportive mother, who recognised his artistic talents from a young age. While he initially pursued a BSc. in architecture, Cedric’s true calling in content creation became evident as client feedback fuelled his motivation to excel.

With over 15 years of experience in event management and advertising, Grace holds a BSc. in hotel and resort management. Her expertise complements GCM's offerings, allowing the team to understand and deliver on the unique demands of event planning and advertising projects.

Grit. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart.

Initially known as Got Creative Design and Photography, GCM's vision is to equip businesses and individuals with captivating visual content to effectively communicate their brand’s stories. Specialising in photography, photo editing, videography, graphic design and video production, GCM firmly believes in the power of powerful imagery and creative storytelling to make a lasting impact on audiences and drive success.

As an aspiring industry and thought leader in content creation, GCM aims to shape and influence the future of the field by consistently delivering exceptional work, staying abreast of industry trends, and sharing valuable insights through thought leadership platforms. With a commitment to quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction, GCM envisions a future in which its impactful visual content leaves a lasting impression on audiences and drives success for its clients.

Cedric & Grace Henry


Christopher DeAllie


Gourmet Eats Grenada focuses on the mushroom farming business, purely to help people eat alternative proteins.

Gourmet Eats Grenada, a subsidiary of Eden Investments Inc, was established with a focus on mushroom farming to provide people with alternative proteins that are costeffective and promote better health. Unlike traditional agricultural businesses, Gourmet Eats Grenada utilises non-agricultural land and a commercial warehouse in the hotel belt, leveraging technology to reduce labour costs, improve productivity and efficiency, and to ensure contamination-free production, ultimately boosting profitability.

Christopher DeAllie, the company’s founder, holds a bachelor's degree in business management studies from the University of Wales and a postgraduate certificate in financial planning from Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Christopher’s passion for business and finance was instilled by his parents' influential roles as corporate CEOs, and he gained valuable experience in accounting, auditing, investment banking, retail banking and business development, which empowered him to pursue his own entrepreneurial vision.

Patience: being able to build something that lasts beyond a lifetime.

Operating in his home country of Grenada has given Christopher a deep sense of pride, and has heightened his desire to bring positive changes to his community. By introducing the unseen potential of the market to young entrepreneurs and agriculturalists, the company aims to offer cost-effective gourmet mushroom products (including dried or fresh options).

The company also plans to explore medicinal species to provide natural health remedies that enhance brain function and alleviate anxiety and depression. It also emphasises sustainable practices by utilising waste materials and carbon sequesters, and by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, thereby contributing to the overall well-being of the nation.

Looking ahead, Christopher envisions expanding the company’s product offerings, introducing a psilocybin (mushroom) extract drink, pills and tinctures made from dried medicinal strains, diversifying gourmet mushroom blends and establishing a psilocybin dispensary. These plans signify Christopher’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation, and to making a positive impact on the health and wellness of customers and the broader community.

"Long Story Short..."- the Caribbean'sfirst and only monthly storytelling showcase/live music experience.

The 180 Vision LLC is the force behind "Long Story Short..." - the Caribbean's first and only monthly storytelling showcase combined with live music performances. The concept is simple yet powerful: five storytellers share true stories about themselves in seven minutes or less, accompanied by two musicians performing short sets. This platform provides a safe space in which creatives can express their truth and art through the timeless art of oral storytelling, recognising the transformative power of stories as a source of healing and inspiration

Daniel T. Edwards, the CVO (chief visionary officer) of The 180 Vision LLC, envisioned T180 as the Caribbean's premier lifestyle brand for Men and boys built on three pillars: aspiration, motivation and transformation.

Running a business requires the highest, most purpose-driven, and stoic version of yourself.

Growing up with an enterprising single mother, Daniel learned the art of selling at a young age and began honing his skills from as early as 10 years old, paving the way for his impressive 30+ year sales career. As the years passed, however, Daniel felt his life had become a meaningless pursuit of wealth, akin to running on a hamster wheel. This led him on a quest to find a deeper purpose, and in 2015, he conceptualised T180 and "Long Story Short...," relentlessly working to bring his sense of a deeper purpose to fruition.

A master of personal development, wellness and psychology, Daniel introduced T180 Workshops in 2017 starting with one corporate client, and has since gained 12 additional clients. In 2018, he launched the Caribbean's first men's lifestyle YouTube channel. "Long Story Short..." was also launched in 2019, becoming Jamaica's inaugural monthly storytelling showcase with live music. Daniel also co-founded the transformational super group "We3Kings" and made his authorial debut on with the number-one international best-selling book, "We Are the Sacred Masculine Rising", through which he shared his journey of self-discovery, healing and transformation.

With unwavering dedication, Daniel plans to ensure that "Long Story Short..." becomes the premier platform for Caribbean speakers, storytellers and musicians, transitioning into television and expanding into a grand storytelling, comedy and music festival held in various international locations

Daniel T. Edwards


Teka Smith


Crissteek Gold provides a healthy affordable alternative to synthetic fertilizer.

Teka Smith, the founder of Crissteek Gold, is a highly experienced educator with a remarkable career spanning over 17 years in teaching mathematics and science. However, in 2019, Teka's passion for agriculture led her down a new path when she started farming and quickly realized the exorbitant cost of fertilizer. As an entrepreneur at heart, Teka proactively began exploring sustainable and cost-effective solutions to this challenge, which ultimately led to the creation of Crissteek Gold. This innovative business produces organic fertilizers by harnessing the power of earthworms to convert organic waste into different blends of nutrient-rich fertilizers.

Crissteek Gold's organic fertilizer is a natural and healthy alternative, containing essential micronutrients, macronutrients and microorganisms that are crucial for healthy soil and the growth of robust plants. Through her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for agriculture, Teka has developed a sustainable solution that benefits both the environment and the farming industry. Teka has a grand vision for Crissteek Gold, one that extends beyond just producing organic fertilizers. She aims to create a paradigm shift towards sustainable farming practices, and position Crissteek Gold as a key player in building a sustainable agricultural nation.

"If you make your passion your business thenthose obstacles that seem like work to otherswill be a walk in the park for you."

By producing organic fertilizers enriched with essential nutrients, Crissteek Gold ensures that the crops grown using their products are healthy and are of exceptional quality. Teka firmly believes that the key to building a sustainable agricultural industry is by promoting eco-friendly practices, and Crissteek Gold is a testament to this vision. The use of organic fertilizers not only benefits the quality of produce but also helps in conserving the environment by reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Through her entrepreneurial drive and passion for agriculture, Teka is making a significant impact in the industry. Her dedication to promoting sustainable farming practices and improving the quality of produce available to consumers has positioned Crissteek Gold as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.

I² Model Management is a model and talent management company that operates in the pageant, runway, professional development and image consultancy industry.

Meet Dwayne Hinds, the visionary founder of I² Model Management, a dynamic model and talent management company specialising in pageants, runway, professional development and image consultancy. With an unwavering commitment to transformational leadership and elite branding, Dwayne and his team are dedicated to delivering customer-oriented, result-driven solutions that guarantee success.

Driven by a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the Jamaican market, Dwayne created I² Model Management to fill gaps he identified and to gain talent recognition that he felt was lacking. What sets I² apart from other agencies is its focus on providing exceptional training and development to its models and talent. With over 16 years of experience in runway and pageant training, Dwayne understands the importance of remaining both marketable and relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

"In any chaos there is always the opportunity to make order of it and by doing so you learn how to become attentive. "

At I², core competencies include runway and pageant training, customer service, business management and coordination. Dwayne's personal passion for training in the art of walking led him to become a trainer, and he takes pride in sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring models and talent around the world.

Dwayne Hinds


Tanya Cameron


Shades of Africa is a visionary that is dedicated to promoting the rich and vibrant culture of Africa in schools, universities and the widersociety.

Tanya Cameron is a highly acclaimed Jamaican fashion designer and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry through her company ‘Shades of Africa’, by designing exquisite Afro-centric gowns and a wide range of ready-to-wear and custommade garments for men, women and children. Tanya is a versatile professional with an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry and has attained degrees in fashion designing and pattern making, sales management and marketing, and is currently pursuing her master’s in business management.

Tanya's work is inspired by her extensive exposure to diverse ethnic cultures, which she has gained through her travels to Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Cote d'Ivoire, and through her association with talented international fashion designers like Emanuel Adewumi, the CEO of Nigeria Fabrics & Fashions Company. Tanya’s designs are a reflection of her unique vision, which blends traditional African elements with contemporary fashion trends.

"I’ve learnt to suffer joyfully in order to have a successful business."

Shades of Africa has been a prominent contributor to the wardrobe of Miss Jamaica World, Miss Jamaica Universe and the JCDC Jamaica Festival Queens since 2005. Tanya’s designs have also been showcased in the USA, Europe, and the Caribbean through fashion shows, magazines, television and press features. The brand has gained widespread recognition for its ability to showcase the beauty and diversity of African culture through fashion.

As an entrepreneur, Tanya has ambitious plans for the future. She aspires to export Shades of Africa to Europe by forming strategic partnerships within the region. With her creative vision and extensive experience in the fashion industry, Tanya is poised to take Shades of Africa to new heights and continue to be a trailblazer in the world of fashion.

Fervour Amour is a natural skincare brand that specialises in creating high-quality skincare products.

Fervour Amour is a natural skincare brand founded in Jamaica with the aim of creating high-quality products that address a variety of skin issues, using natural ingredients. The company is committed to empowering customers to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin by providing affordable yet effective solutions.

After struggling with skin issues herself and not finding effective solutions in the market, Founder Patrice Reid created Fervour Amour to offer gentle and effective skincare products. Patrice has always been passionate about herbs and the power of nature in healing and nourishing the skin and body. This also led her to pursue studies in biochemistry.

"There will be challenges along the way, but stay true to your mission, be open to learning and never give up on your dreams."

One thing that sets Fervour Amour apart from other skincare companies is its focus on tailor-made products. The company understands that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to skincare, and so it offers personalized solutions to its customers' unique needs. This ensures that each customer receives the best possible results from their skincare routine.

Fervour Amour is committed to sourcing natural and organic ingredients locally whenever possible, supporting local farmers and reducing their carbon footprint. The company also uses sustainable packaging materials and minimises waste by recycling and repurposing as much as possible.

Fervour Amour is not only dedicated to creating highquality products, but also to giving back to the community. As a result, the company has donated to local charities and is actively involved in promoting health, wellness and body positivity—especially among younger generations.

Looking to the future, Fervour Amour plans to expand its product line to offer even more solutions for its customers' skincare needs. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Fervour Amour is committed to providing safe, effective and affordable natural skincare solutions for its customers.

Patrice Reid


Tannisha Scarlette


F.I.L.M. assists with the growth and development of the agriculture sector.

Tannisha Scarlett has over 15 years of experience as a media professional. Her career began at the National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA), where she studied computer graphic arts. She later pursued her passion for journalism at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) located on the Mona campus of the University of The West Indies (UWI), where she honed her skills and developed her expertise in that field.

During her time as a producer at the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (P.B.C.J), Tannisha conceived ‘Agriviews’, a show dedicated to helping farmers with issues related to farming and agriculture. Inspired by her father's dream of starting a farm, Tannisha recognized the need for a platform that would help farmers access resources and information in order to address their challenges. This led to the birth of Focused Intently on Life Media (F.I.L.M.), a company dedicated to documenting innovative solutions for the agriculture industry.

"Success requires a clear vision, a talented team, a focus on monetization, and a commitment to journalistic ethics and integrity."

Tannisha envisions Agriviews as a leading teaching tool in schools and colleges, helping to educate future generations on the importance of agriculture and sustainable farming practices. She also sees the platform as a valuable resource for consumers, providing them with information on where to find local produce, plants, meats, and other agricultural products.

As an entrepreneur, Tannisha is committed to creating new opportunities for graduates interested in the media industry. She envisions F.I.L.M. as a platform for nurturing and developing talent, providing a path for young professionals to pursue their dreams and contribute to the growth of the media industry in Jamaica.

With her experience, expertise, and passion for agriculture and media, Tannisha Scarlett is poised to lead F.I.L.M. to even greater heights, helping to transform the agriculture industry in Jamaica and beyond.

Kurls Nation empowers people of black ethnicity to love their hair and body by creating productsthat allow them to have healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

Rochelle Samuels, the founder of Kurls Nation, is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to helping people of black ethnicity embrace and love their hair and body, through the use of natural, high-quality hair and skin care products.

After struggling with scalp issues and hair breakage for years, Rochelle turned to natural remedies and discovered the power of Ayurvedic herbs for haircare. She spent years researching and experimenting with different herbs and formulations to create products that would nourish and strengthen hair without harsh chemicals. Rochelle formulated her first official product, Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil.

"My Products contains anti- inflammatory agents, boosting hair growth by increasing blood circulation and enriching the scalp with oxygen."

As a self-proclaimed product junkie and DIY enthusiast, Rochelle has gone through various phases of her own hair care, from relaxed to natural to locs always prioritizing the overall health and growth of her hair. With a mission to empower people to embrace their natural hair and take a holistic approach to haircare. Her products are made with high quality ingredients.

Rochelle remains committed to her mission of promoting natural, holistic haircare and continues to innovate and expand her product line. She envisions Kurls Nation expanding to new markets and becoming a leading brand in the natural hair care industry.

Rochelle Samuels


Kimberlee Howell


Alessandro's Catering is committed to providing a culinary experience that you will never forget.

Kimberlee Howell, founder of Alessandro’s Catering Services, is an entrepreneur with a passion for good food and a background deeply rooted in the performing arts. Her journey in the food and beverage industry began at the Montego Bay Community College, where she earned an associate degree in culinary arts. Kimberlee's experience and love of working in the hospitality industry motivated her to pursue a BA in hospitality business management in the UK, fuelling her dream to start her own business.

Kimberlee conceptualised a catering company and named it Alessandro's Catering Services after her son Alexander, which translates to Alessandro in Italian. Her knowledge of Jamaican cuisine, coupled with exposure to cuisines of other nations due to her time living and travelling in Europe, enables Kimberlee to offer a unique and diverse menu for Alessandro's. The company is committed to providing an unforgettable culinary experience using the freshest, locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. Alessandro's Catering Services continuously strives for excellence, which is reflected in its intention to deliver unique culinary experiences.

"I love and appreciate good food. Having always wanted to operate my own catering and event planning business, I pursued this dream."

Kimberlee is passionate about giving back to the community; as such, Alessandro’s, offers internships to students from the Montego Bay Community College Hospitality Department and supports locally sourced items whenever possible. Kimberlee is also eco conscious, so Alessandro's uses biodegradable and reusable packaging for all its events.

Kimberlee understands the importance of hard work, dedication and persistence in building a successful business. She strives to continuously improve and adapt to meet the needs of Alessandro’s customers while maintaining her commitment to excellence. She plans to expand Alessandro’s reach by offering more services and by ensuring that the company continues to provide an exceptional culinary experience for their clients.

Kalisse Kelly uses yoga to provide alternative medicine and therapeutic wellness experiencesto individuals, groups and corporate entities.

Kalisse Kelly is the founder of Kalisse Kelly Yoga (KKY), a yoga studio that provides alternative medicine and therapeutic wellness experiences to individuals, groups and corporate entities. She discovered her passion for yoga while practising the art and became increasingly interested in its mental and physical benefits. In 2018, she completed her Yoga Angels 200 YTT teacher training certification while working in a top-level management position in the food industry.

After completing the course, Kalisse offered yoga classes as a side hustle while pursuing a management career in the food industry. Eventually, she decided to shift her focus entirely to yoga and founded KKY, which offers diverse online and in-studio options, and leverages mobile and web technology to deliver an intuitive, automated customer experience.

"It's important to be willing to fail and not beat yourself up too much about it. Remember that failure is a learning opportunity and a stepping stone towards success."

For Kalisse, yoga is more than just a physical practice: she believes it creates a space in which people can connect with each other. This fosters a sense of belonging and support, which can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, especially in a country like Jamaica.

While yoga has become increasingly commercialised in recent years, with a focus on external achievements such as weight loss and physical posture, Kalisse's approach to yoga still honors the traditional spiritual roots that emphasises non-attachment to material possessions but with a emphasis for providing yoga for the modern world. Nonetheless, she remains committed to sharing the mental and physical benefits of yoga with her clients and building a community of wellness through KKY.

Kalisse Kelly


Kavelle Hylton


STEM Builders Learning Hub is an educational technology company that connectsstudents with expert STEM teachersfor online and onsite tutoring.

STEM Builders Learning Hub is an innovative EdTech company that aims to provide equitable access to qualified STEM teachers and resources for students in the Caribbean.

Founder, Kavelle Hylton is passionate about STEM and has first-hand experience of the difficulties students in the region have in accessing STEM educators and resources. To address this issue, she created an online learning platform and locally manufactured STEM activity boxes/science kits, which are ideal for homeschoolers and students at the kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels.

"Be brave and take action, even when you’re scared, because it is better to try than have regrets later in life."

With over a decade of experience in STEM education, project management and training, Kavelle is an expert in the field. She holds a B.Sc. in biology with education, an M.Ed. degree, and she is currently pursuing an MPhil/Ph.D. in science education at the University of the West Indies.

STEM Builders Learning Hub's mission is to become a centre of excellence for STEM education in the region. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programmes, they aim to improve access to STEM education and increase interest and success in STEM subjects. With a commitment to professional development and teacher training, STEM Builders Learning Hub is dedicated to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue a career in the STEM field and is prepared for the future of work.

Pukrup Cosmeticsis a Jamaican home-based luxury manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of plant-based/plant-derived skincare products.

Jodi Miller-Maragh is the founder and owner of Pukrup Cosmetics Limited, a Jamaican-based luxury skincare manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer. Her dedication to creating natural alternatives to chemical-laden skincare products led to the formation of her business. With a focus on plant-based and plant-derived ingredients, Pukrup Cosmetics has gained a reputation for providing high-quality skincare products that protect, nourish and replenish the skin without the use of harsh chemicals.

"Running a business is not for the faint of heart; it will break you mentally and physically. It has taught me that taking a break is essential."

Jodi's entrepreneurial journey began in her teenage years when she dreamed of owning a veterinary clinic. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in agriculture production and food system management, she pursued her passion for entrepreneurship and founded Pukrup Cosmetics.

In addition to providing natural skincare products to consumers, Pukrup Cosmetics has also made charitable contributions to the Cancer Society of Jamaica. The company believes in the power of nature and is committed to protecting the environment by providing plant-based alternatives to traditional skincare products. Jodi and her team at Pukrup Cosmetics continue to innovate and expand the company's product line, providing consumers with safe and natural alternatives to traditional skincare products.

Jodi Miller-Maragh


Raymond Stewart


876 Farm Box is a transnational agricultural hub that produces fresh produce (fruits, vegetables and ground provisions) and sells them on the local market through multiple streams.

Raymond Stewart's vision for 876 Farm Box is to revolutionise the agricultural industry in Jamaica. As a trained chemist and serial entrepreneur, Raymond understands the importance of innovation and technology in agriculture. His goal is to create a sustainable and efficient farming system that meets the needs of the local market while also tapping into the global market.

Recently, 876 Farm Box merged with Stewart Farming Limited under the name Prestamo Limited, and with this merger the company is poised for exponential growth. To include value added agriculture services such as supplying various farm produces to businesses and households, Agro-produces Outsource Management, Commercial Farming and Agricultural Financing.

"Maintain consistency; remain open to change, and stay focused on your goals."

The company prides itself on providing fresh, high-quality produce at competitive prices while promoting healthy eating habits and supporting local farmers. It is committed to reducing the carbon footprint by using sustainable farming practices, minimising food waste, and promoting eco-friendly packaging.

Through Raymond Stewart's leadership and the team's dedication, 876 Farm Box is poised to become a leader in the agricultural industry in Jamaica and beyond. The team aims to create a model that can be replicated in other developing countries, bringing positive change to communities and contributing to global food security.

Postage Logistics provides individuals with a safe and reliable way of getting their packagesfrom the United Statesright to their doorstep in Jamaica.

Postage Logistics Group, founded by Dalean Barnett and his wife, was established in 2021 to address the gaps in the local logistics market and provide a safe and reliable way for individuals to receive packages in Jamaica sent from the United States during the pandemic. As the company grows, it aims to contribute knowledge, technology and employment opportunities to the logistics and manufacturing sectors in the local community.

Dalean's passion for business started during his sixth-form years in high school, where he charged for computer science lessons offered to students who were interested in learning more about programming. This interest in entrepreneurship was further sparked during his first year at university when he worked as a Junior IT consultant for one of his lecturers. Dalean was drawn to the freedom and income potential of owning a business and is now focused on growing the Postage Logistics Group.

"It will take time for any business to really make sense; you have to learn how to tough it out during the difficult times."

Dalean sees tremendous potential for growth and innovation for Postage Logistics Group in the future, especially with the use of cloud computing and AI to automate manual tasks and improve the customer experience. The company's mission is to become a leading logistics provider in the region, providing topnotch service to customers while contributing to the growth of the local economy.

Dalean Barnett


Olivia Shaw-Lovell


H.E.R. Services offer organic alternative beauty services with the use of natural products, and provides skills training to marginalised women to gain economic independence.

Meet Olivia Shaw-Lovell, the passionate founder and executive director of Women of Destiny Jamaica, a Jamaican NGO that provides a safe haven, holistic empowerment, mentorship, and advocacy for marginalised women. Since 2015, Olivia has been at the forefront of this life-changing organisation, making a tangible difference in the lives of countless women in need.

Through Women of Destiny, Olivia has launched H.E.R. Services, a revolutionary social enterprise in the beauty industry. The organisation offers organic and alternative beauty services including all-natural hair care training and services, sugar waxing, organic product sales and natural hair care consultations. H.E.R. Services takes a consultative approach with clients, empowering them to understand and care for their natural hair within a safe environment.

"One cannot pour from an empty cup; I have to care for myself so that I can care for my clients."

Olivia's commitment to social development is evident in her seven years of expertise in non-profit development and project management, leadership and community development. Her experience in both government and non-profit organisations has given her a unique perspective on the challenges facing women in Jamaica today.

At the heart of H.E.R. Services is a commitment to the economic independence of young women and girls. Gender-based violence is a pervasive issue in Jamaica, with young women and girls being particularly vulnerable. The organisation focuses on equipping marginalised women with the skills they need to escape abusive relationships and gain economic and emotional independence. By doing so, H.E.R. Services is helping to lower the incidence of gender-based violence in Jamaica

First Cloud Consultants is a technology company that focuses on providing Microsoft Solutions to small and mediumsized businesses.

Meet Keimo Edwards, a seasoned sales consultant and co-founder of First Cloud Consultants, a technology company that specialises in providing Microsoft solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses. He established First Cloud Consultants to bridge the gap and offer top-notch Microsoft solutions to SMEs, enabling them to achieve their business objectives through technology.

Keimo’s passion for entrepreneurship began when he discovered Robert Kiyosaki's book "Cashflow Quadrant" in 2014. Despite growing up in an inner city community in Kingston, Jamaica, Keimo had a drive to succeed and a love for business. He leveraged his sales expertise, strategic thinking, marketing skills and team management experience to drive growth and improve profitability for the organisations he served.

"Resilience is not something that you're born with, but a skill that can be developedthrough practice and experience."

At First Cloud Consultants, Keimo’s team of experts provide a broad range of services including cloud migration, infrastructure optimization, business automation, and custom software development. They adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and tailor solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Keimo and his team are focused on helping businesses harness the power of technology to achieve their full potential. They believe that technology can be a powerful tool for business growth and success; their mission is to be the go-to technology success partner for Microsoft solutions in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region.

In the future, First Cloud Consultants plans to expand its reach by offering more personalised technology solutions to businesses, strengthening its partnership with Microsoft.

Keimo Edwards


Jaime Martin


Rvffian is a male-care brand that boosts black men'sself-image and confidence by providing high-quality beard-care tools, products, education, and services.

Jaime Martin is the founder of Rvffian, a malecare brand that seeks to enhance black men's self-image and confidence through high-quality beard care tools, products, education and services. Jaime's passion for entrepreneurship and background in marketing led him to create and develop Rvffian during his university years.

Rvffian's holistic approach to beard care ensures that its products are crafted by professionals in the field and its marketing is focused on providing consistently edifying content to customers. By building strong connections with male grooming companies, Rvffian aims to set itself apart from other competitors while establishing a strong foundation in the industry.

"You never stop learning; there is always more to learn."

Rvffian's platform also raises awareness for men's grooming and self-confidence issues by giving men the opportunity to share their stories and expertise on their self-confidence journeys. The brand aspires to become a full male care community within the global sphere, selling common male grooming products while becoming a thought leader on the topic of men's health and self-image.

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