Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan


Sean Morgan’s recalls hearing family members lamenting about the lack of quality dental supplies and suppliers available locally- and so, an idea was born. Dental & Medical Supplies Limited began as a father-son initiative focused on providing dental supplies to local practitioners, but there was never a question of stopping there. Today, Sean and DMS provide dental and medical instruments, equipment, disposables and furniture to students, private practices, and government health facilities.

Says Sean, the fact remains that cost of supplies drives the cost of services, and in the field of healthcare it is essentially to keep such costs down. Across communities, there are still far too many people whose lack of finances prevent them from access to private or public health clinics. This is the true mission of DMS: to establish itself as a homegrown medical supplier, form relationships with overseas suppliers, and leverage its position to facilitate donations of products and services to those in need. With DMS, Sean Morgan has created a model that can surely change the way we access healthcare here in the Caribbean, and around the world.


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Kingston, Jamaica