Winsome Crosdale-Delaney

Winsome Crosdale-Delaney


Rio Grande Farms Exporters is a producer and exporter of fresh agricultural produce. The company exports fresh produce to Canada, England, the United States, and Cayman. Rio Grande Farms Exporters also distributes fresh produce locally to supermarkets, hotels, and households.

Rio Grande Farms Exporters was established ten years ago with the primary intention of filling the local demand for fresh produce. In 2012 the business took a new life when the company through Winsome Crosdale-Delaney and Fitzroy Delaney remodeled the farm operations, initially in the first year as a high-quality fresh produce farm enterprise, supplying local high-end markets – hotels, large supermarkets chains, local exporters, and with additional indirect supplies of local produce to overseas markets.

With the increased local and international demand for the company’s products and services, has resulted in the business purchasing fresh farm produce from a pool of 600 consistent weekly suppliers/farmers with another 400 ad hoc suppliers island-wide – mainly from the parishes of Portland, St. Thomas, Clarendon, Manchester, St Elizabeth, St. Ann, and St. Mary.


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