So much has changed over the past couple of months, from dealing with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic to devastating social injustices that have rocked the world, we know that how entrepreneurs respond during a crisis will have a far-reaching impact on their business.

Here at the Branson Centre Caribbean, we like to look at the whole entrepreneur. Over the years, we have observed a direct correlation to the sustainability of an entrepreneur’s business and their mindset, which is why our team has been hitting the pavement on creating and curating content aimed to help them navigate these uncertain times. The results since our shift to deliver our coaching and recovery management workshops with a 100% online experience, has been an outstanding 95% satisfaction rate. 

One of the biggest hurdles teams face during crises is staying motivated. Whether you’re working in remote-mode or practising social distancing at the office, keeping your energy up can be a challenge. I talked about this in our recent COVID Conversations webinar Keeping yourself and your team motivated during COVID-19” and shared the stage with Marie-France Samba, an international business and transformational coach based in Paris, France to discuss the importance of entrepreneurs cultivating a growth mindset to grapple with rapid and radical change. 

I’m passionate about workplace wellness because in order to be productive at work and achieve your goals you have to fill your cup. Operating as your best self is always going to yield the best results. It’s easy to get worn out with everything you have to deal with, especially when you’re running a business. But you have to find the time to take care of yourself emotionally and physically in order to take care of your team and customers. One of the ways I do that is by setting up and consistently sticking to a morning routine. Putting yourself in a place of positivity with a clear mind, sets you up to tackle the day ahead in the most productive way. This includes a few minutes of mindful meditation so that I can observe my thoughts and focus on my most important tasks for the day. 

Taking care of your team is critical during these times. Each team member has different needs and it’s important to discern what works for them on an individual level. While some may need more one-on-one coaching conversations, others may be more task-oriented so communicating and checking in through email may be a better option. Acknowledging your team and the work they are doing is especially important.

Another act of workplace wellness is gratitude. As a leader, showing appreciation for each member of your team can be a very powerful motivator. I am so proud of #TeamBransonCentre for going above and beyond to serve our entrepreneurs during this period, in spite of the challenges. Branson Centre is on a mission to create greater impact within the Caribbean entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our public webinars are designed to educate business leaders and their teams. The series focuses on recovery, resilience and growth by pulling together industry experts to share solutions to some of today’s challenges. We have big things in store over the next couple of months, and invite you to subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content and information on our upcoming online events.


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