Creating Partnerships

Yvonne Chin Irving


" I am personally invested in making a difference in the lives of shy introverts and helping my clients discover their unique potential. "

After a long career in the Jamaican media, Yvonne Chin Irving and her husband Sean Irving started Communication Excellence Training (CET Consultancy) in 2015. CET helps people connect with each other by making everyday communication more positive and powerful while reinvesting a portion of returns into the development of young people with fewer opportunities.

Instead of the run-of-the-mill public speaking workshop, CET’s secret sauce combines solid communication skills content from traditional workshops with the personalized focus, personal awareness, goal-setting, and action taking of the coaching world. Each client takes a one-on-one learning journey designed just for them and is guaranteed to experience one ‘aha’ moment after another.

CET Consultancy addresses clients’ needs by carefully intertwining theory, hand-picked exercises that relate to their jobs with motivational material and insightful coaching conversations; clients also get take-home activities to practice their skills and receive loads of constructive feedback that’s delivered with sensitivity.

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