Creating Partnerships

Vicky-Lee Myers Wedderburn


" There’s just something special about receiving a gift, with my name on it or something that shows me that this gift was not picked up from a pharmacy or a goods store. "

Rustique Signs designs and manufactures handmade wooden gifts and home decor. They help customers to express themselves and
their creativity through gift-giving. They solve the problem of gifting the ‘same old, same old’ and are advocates for #NoBoringGifts.

Vicky-Lee Myers Wedderburn, the company’s founder, loves receiving gifts. Her love for creating was discovered when her husband and co-founder found joy in decorating and filling their new home with custom pieces. One project was their dining table, which was created from a coconut husk pallet (CocoPallet) at the Trelawny Stadium. The project sparked Vicky-Lee and her husband’s interest in exploring their creative side, and eventually, creating a business guided by unique ideas of handmade items. The rest is history

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