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Tarik Zawdie Kiddoe

Back to Basics Motorcycle Safety Mission

Aviator, motorcyclist, and creative professional. In 2015, Tarik ‘Zawdie’ Kiddoe joined the Branson Entrepreneur family with a different business idea. In an unexpected twist, his Branson Centre mentor, Ariane Richter, encouraged him to embrace the quiet momentum of his pre-existing community motorcycle safety efforts.

The Back to Basics (BTB) Motorcycle Safety Workshop series emerged. Today, BTB is the standard-bearer and a widely acknowledged leader in the area of motorcycle safety in Jamaica. As a lifesaving mission, BTB creates commercial and outreach safety workshops for motorcyclists. The results have been profound.

With over 3.5 million kilometers ridden, corporate clients have seen a 93% reduction in serious injuries amongst corporate riders trained. The mission has received support and high-level endorsements from Keith Code – the world’s most prominent on-track motorcycle racing coach and Andrew Holness – The Prime Minister of Jamaica. BTB exemplifies “Business as a force for good” as it seeks to become an important tool in the global fight against the high rate of road fatalities among motorcyclists in the developing world.

Under the business name Zawdie Business Ventures (ZBV), Tarik continues other creative and entrepreneurial exploits as well. The aim is to keep churning out solutions that leverage his expertise as an aviator and creative professional and to trigger meaningful improvements in people’s lives.

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