Creating Partnerships

Stacy-Ann Wilson


" Once you have a dream, be brave enough to understand that failure is like fuel and should motivate you to learn, change, and grow. "

ODEM Creative Media Limited is a marketing communication and advertising company for this modern age, helping clients achieve greater brand visibility. They assist clients in making sense of evolving technology and manage campaigns from ideation to execution, from naming, branding, radio and TV advertisements (production and media booking), web
development, content development, and influencer marketing, including photography, videography, and animation. ODEM Creative
Media Limited doesn’t just sell and market its clients’ products or services, they infuse personality and attitude to influence customer behaviour.

The company’s owner, Stacy-Ann Wilson, is a social entrepreneur with extensive marketing consulting experience with small and
medium-sized businesses, mainly in business development, planning, and branding. StacyAnn has contributed to social change while immersed in the marketing industry for over 16 years and has contributed to and been featured in Entrepreneur Spirit Caribbean magazine where she shares her marketing expertise.

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