Creating Partnerships

Shelli-Rai James


Many corporations in Jamaica import branded gift and promotional items, but Shelli-Rai James knew that bespoke, high-quality Jamaican craft and gift gems could be found locally. She made it her mission to see more of these products being used as corporate gifts, branded tokens, wedding favours and souvenirs both within Jamaica and abroad. Straight from Yard is an exclusively Jamaican branding and distribution service aimed at extending the reach of brand Jamaica. They also offer Jamaica’s first subscription box service, which allows customers to create their own baskets of goods from her collection of Jamaican products.

The company delivers high-quality custom branding solutions for clients, which assists to promote and support the work and products of Jamaica’s most talented artists and artisans thereby allowing them greater access to wider markets. One of their in-house products, Caribbean Gold honey is one of their flagship brands aimed at helping to stimulate Jamaica’s agricultural sector through the establishment and support of more sustainable beekeeping practices.

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