Creating Partnerships

Shawnalee King-Gentles


Ayuthat is the leadingproducer of cold-pressedJamaican black castor oil.

Shawnalee King-Gentles has wanted to bean entrepreneur scientist specializing inbeauty since she was a child. With apassion for styling her own and others'hair, her dream became a reality, andAyuhthat was born. Her hair, however, wastough to manage due to its texture.Recognizing the market opportunity,Shawnalee sought various solutions andcombinations that could help make hairstyling easier for people of Africandescent. As a result, she discovered thepower of Jamaican black castor oil.
Shawnalee went on to launch Ayuthatafter combining her passion with hertraining in Industrial and AnalyticalChemistry

Ayuthat grows castor seed and extracts andmanufactures pure pressed Jamaican blackcastor oil for various industries, such asbiodiesel, lubricants, and pharmaceuticals.The company recently purchased land forlarge-scale castor seed farming, and purepressed Jamaican black castor oil extraction

Ayuthat is now looking for critical partnerships andinvestments in Jamaica and the Diaspora. Through theseinterventions, Ayuthat hopes to diversify its productsand pursue geographic expansion, ultimately assistingJamaica in seizing the plethora of opportunitiesavailable in the $ 2.4 billion black castor oil market whilelowering its carbon footprint and creating widespreademployment opportunities.

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