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Shaundrice Foster


G-Weed Cosmetics is a herbal personal care cosmetics brand.

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Meet Shanundrice Foster, the founder of G-Weed Cosmetics, which is a herbal personal care cosmetics brand, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path to wellness through self-care. Specialising in hair and skincare products crafted with the herb guinea hen weed used as a base, G-Weed Cosmetics distinguishes itself by delivering the herb's healing benefits to naturopathic users. Pioneering guinea hen weed's integration into mainstream cosmetics enables the brand to offer a unique approach to natural self-care

Shaundrice’s inception of G-Weed took root in 2017 during her second year at UWI, as Shaundrice sought a business idea for investors. Originally named ALL NAT, the concept secured initial seed funding. That company’s subsequent triumph in the UWI Guild Entrepreneurship Competition marked a significant milestone, providing second seed funding. Combining a passion for natural products with her late father's research on guinea hen weed, and being driven by an eco-friendly and sustainable ethos that would manifest itself in every aspect of the business, Shaundrice formed G-Weed Cosmetics.

G-Weed Cosmetics sets its sights on a promising future, aspiring to become a household name that represents Jamaica's authenticity. As the brand expands its digital presence, e-commerce capabilities and product range, it remains committed to raising awareness about the benefits of guinea hen weed. G-Weed Cosmetics is dedicated to fostering connections and making a positive impact on women across various spheres, all while staying true to its environmentally conscious values.

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