Creating Partnerships

Sharon Schroeter


Benchmark Media Productions specializesin video & audio production, project management, & event planning & management.

"I believe the future holds nothing less than greatness and success!"

Sharon Schroeter began her career as a freelance media producer 21 years ago and immediately fell in love with television
production. She has produced several hit television shows in Jamaica over the last two decades, including Losing It, Digicel Rising Stars, Intense, and many others. Despite her enormous success, her passion has always been creating content that has a
positive impact. She established Benchmark Media Productions as a result.

While starting a business was new territory for the media mogul, she was determined to raise the level of quality available to companies. Benchmark works to relieve the client's stress by providing flexible and dependable service and a team they can rely on to bring their message to life in a way that impacts multiple target audiences

In the future, Sharon hopes to expand Benchmark's offerings to include mentorship and training for creative individuals. Benchmark's vision is to become a household name in the Caribbean and worldwide, associated with creativity, high standards, and high-quality productions.

Benchmark has worked on several campaigns since its inception in 2017, including the National Anti-violence campaign, Losing it, the Jamaican Iguana conservation documentary, and the National Identification (NIDS)NIDS information campaign. Benchmark provides job opportunities for many people, particularly those from volatile communities, through its various projects, and
the messages it creates are always ones that promote positivity and encouragement.

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