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Saffron Brown


By SaffronSafari is an expression of innate beauty, elegance and style. A premium brand specialising in bespoke swim and resort wear.

Resilience to understand that all good things take time.

Saffron Brown, a born creative, was nurtured by both parents who were creatives in their own right, fostering her freedom of expression from a young age. At the age of 16, Saffron attended The Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, where her passion for business blossomed. At Edna Manley, Saffron realised that she could turn her love for creative endeavours into a profitable venture, beautifying spaces, people and objects.

In 2012, Saffron's entrepreneurial journey began with handmade candles and received strong support from friends and family. Subsequently, she conceived SafarixxSwimwear JA, inspired by the birth of her daughter and the desire to create modest swimwear. Since then, she has rebranded to By SaffronSafari, her premium fashion brand specializing in swim and resort wear, that empowers women to feel their best in all of life’s seasons. Saffron's expertise in sewing allowed her to craft new styles and source fabrics for the perfect fit, meeting the demand for custom-made clothing.

By SaffronSafari not only benefits the wider community by catering to individuals who resonate with its style and values, but also aims to uplift women through skills training and job creation. Saffron envisions achieving carbon neutrality through recycled materials, promoting conscious consumerism and extending By SaffronSafari's reach to represent Jamaica alongside other international high-end fashion houses.

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