Creating Partnerships

Ruth Lawrence


Powhermoves Servicesis a consultancy specializing in Digital Marketing Solutions, Team Enrichment, Workshop Facilitation, and training forsmall and medium-sized businesses.

Be open to learning and not static, as businesses are to be guided by the needs of clients.

After nearly two decades of expertise as a youth and programme development specialist, Ruth Lawrence realised that her mission to transform lives, particularly those of young people, aligned perfectly with the essence of the creation of her business - Powhermoves Services. Ruth hails from the vibrant capital city of Kingston, Jamaica, and her experiences and passions intertwined seamlessly with her entrepreneurial endeavours. In addition, Ruth’s journey as a Christian, inspirational international life speaker and author enabled her to find a profound connection with her consultancy.

At Powhermoves Services, Ruth's personal and professional growth converged. Her belief in the potential of small and medium-sized businesses to expand their digital presence resonated deeply with her entrepreneurial spirit. The connection between Ruth's life purpose and the mission of Powhermoves Services has brought forth a powerful synergy, where her experiences, passions and expertise intertwine to create a meaningful and impactful entrepreneurial journey. As her consultancy flourished, it became a conduit to empower individuals and teams, enhancing their skills and mindset to thrive in the digital age.

Powhermoves Services offers a range of solutions and services designed to support organizations achieve high levels of customer engagement and conversions through tailored Digital Marketing Solutions. Drawing from her background as a programme development specialist within the Ministry of Education and Youth, Ruth understands the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly changing digital landscape. This insight inspires her consultancy's strong focus on leveraging the power of digital media, content creation and professional capacity and team-building workshops to maximize organizational productivity and profitability.

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