Creating Partnerships

Ruth Gutierrez

Angel Lisa Cosmetics

Angel Lisa is an organic seaweed designed around Belize seaweed farmed behind the barrier reef. The farming of the seaweed has been an alternative livelihood for the fishermen of the Placencia Seafood Cooperative. This high end cosmetic was formulated to help bring Belize an export product that is uniquely Belizean.

The founders of Angel Lisa are Mary Tao, M.D., Terry Tao and Ruth Gutierrez. Each founder has a different and unique role. Dr. Tao is a medical doctor with a background in biomedical engineering. She worked with chemists to formulate Angel Lisa as a high-end product that is all natural. Terry Tao is an attorney who addresses the legal aspects of the business including import and export, licensing, and food and drug approvals. Finally, Ruth Gutierrez is the ocean aquaculture scientist who researches and oversees the Belize operation.

We are proud of what the team has accomplished with the creation of a world class product.

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