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Rochelle Samuels


Kurls Nation empowers people of black ethnicity to love their hair and body by creating productsthat allow them to have healthy, beautiful hair and skin.

"My Products contains anti- inflammatory agents, boosting hair growth by increasing blood circulation and enriching the scalp with oxygen."

Rochelle Samuels, the founder of Kurls Nation, is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to helping people of black ethnicity embrace and love their hair and body, through the use of natural, high-quality hair and skin care products.

After struggling with scalp issues and hair breakage for years, Rochelle turned to natural remedies and discovered the power of Ayurvedic herbs for haircare. She spent years researching and experimenting with different herbs and formulations to create products that would nourish and strengthen hair without harsh chemicals. Rochelle formulated her first official product, Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil.

As a self-proclaimed product junkie and DIY enthusiast, Rochelle has gone through various phases of her own hair care, from relaxed to natural to locs always prioritizing the overall health and growth of her hair. With a mission to empower people to embrace their natural hair and take a holistic approach to haircare. Her products are made with high quality ingredients.
Rochelle remains committed to her mission of promoting natural, holistic haircare and continues to innovate and expand her product line. She envisions Kurls Nation expanding to new markets and becoming a leading brand in the natural hair care industry.

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