Creating Partnerships

Raymond Stewart


876 Farm Box is a transnational agricultural hub that produces fresh produce (fruits, vegetables and ground provisions) and sells them on the local market through multiple streams.

"Maintain consistency; remain open to change, and stay focused on your goals."

Raymond Stewart's vision for 876 Farm Box is to revolutionise the agricultural industry in Jamaica. As a trained chemist and serial entrepreneur, Raymond understands the importance of innovation and technology in agriculture. His goal is to create a sustainable and efficient farming system that meets the needs of the local market while also tapping into the global market.

Recently, 876 Farm Box merged with Stewart Farming Limited under the name Prestamo Limited, and with this merger the company is poised for exponential growth. To include value added agriculture services such as supplying various farm produces to businesses and households, Agro-produces Outsource Management, Commercial Farming and Agricultural Financing.

The company prides itself on providing fresh, high-quality produce at competitive prices while promoting healthy eating habits and supporting local farmers. It is committed to reducing the carbon footprint by using sustainable farming practices, minimising food waste, and promoting eco-friendly packaging.

Through Raymond Stewart's leadership and the team's dedication, 876 Farm Box is poised to become a leader in the agricultural industry in Jamaica and beyond. The team aims to create a model that can be replicated in other developing countries, bringing positive change to communities and contributing to global food security.

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