Creating Partnerships

Peta-Gay Pryce


BWT Services Limited is a small customs brokerage and logisticsfirm.

"I am positioning myself as the bridge for forging local and international partnerships, addressing language and cultural barriers."

Peta-Gay Pryce left her lucrative corporate career in Social Development and public policy in 2015 to join the team of BWT Services, a company founded by her father, X Pryce, in 2008.

Peta-Gay originally joined the team to learn about the company and bridge the generational gap. She quickly realized, however,
that she would also serve as a bridge and pathway for the company's future growth and transformation from the generation that
founded it to the age that expanded it. Since joining the team, Peta-Gay has earned Professional Certification in Customs
Regulations, Processes, and Brokerage

The company helps clients in China, the United States, and Jamaica import and export commercial and retail goods. BWT also offers mission-critical related services such as obtaining required licenses, permits, and other legal documents to assist importers and exporters in maintaining an uninterrupted cross-border supply chain.

Peta intends to combine her father's decades of knowledge with new approaches, more innovative internal business processes, and better financial management to build a more substantial enterprise that can benefit all stakeholders and the community.

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