Creating Partnerships

Nasheika Guyah

Little’s Hobby Hut Safari and Fish Farm

Little’s Hobby Hut Safari and Fish Farm is a recreational fishing facility that has been in existence since 1997. Initially, it was operated by my father ‘Mr. Little’ and brother, after which the operations portfolio was passed on to me in 2011 after I graduated from university. As a marine biologist studying fisheries conservation, I was elated that I was given a platform to promote inland fisheries as well as ecotourism.

What makes our product unique is that we are the only farm in Jamaica that rears saltwater Tilapia which is a delicious alternative to ‘sea’ fish and as such tries to fill a void created by the intense fishing pressure on the coastal fisheries.

Little’s Hobby Hut provides a relaxing atmosphere for patrons who want to unwind after a busy week with the scenery, the constant cool breeze with dancing coconut trees and lazy boy benches which provides a relaxing space for patrons. You are taught how to fish and handle your catch after which we will cook it for you any style you prefer at our on-site restaurant!

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