Creating Partnerships

Melissa Powell


Melissa Powell is a committed change agent who believes in fostering progress through global relationships. Her company, Pocmi, Inc. is a platform which provides end to end solutions for employers to connect, evaluate and facilitate the immigration of knowledge workers. Melissa hopes to simplify the process of maneuvering through human capital management and immigration. Melissa Powell is an international speaker and an advocate for professional migration and multicultural diversity. She is committed to lifting organisations and nations through access to leading global talent. She has experience helping companies in the Caribbean, North & South America and Europe grow through strategic thinking in organisational development as well as human capital management. She focuses on leading clients through specialised coaching and assessments to ensure efficient recruitment, onboarding and cultural immersion of international talent, so that they can reap the benefits of a diversified team. Through Pocmi, Melissa wants to facilitate borderless international movement of global professionals into expansive careers with the ultimate goal to improve innovative thinking necessary for national progress within their home countries. Her business model is built around developing and maintaining a network of international business professionals and companies for recruitment matchmaking, program development for multicultural diversity and immigration reform, and connecting like-minded individuals around the globe who are interested in making a positive impact in their countries.

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