Creating Partnerships

Marsha-Lee Hutchinson


Beyond Body is a beauty and well-being company that provides holistic, medically based Aesthetic services and artisanal products.

"My goal is to make Ephiphany & its products a household name by establishing & making these products available in more retail locations locally and internationally."

Marsha- Lee Hutchinson is the CEO and Founder of the company. Marsha has been an entrepreneur since she was ten, selling toys, snacks, sweets, drawings, and even nail technician services.

Marsha Lee was diagnosed with folliculitis, a common skin condition, in 2010. Marsha Lee went through many failed courses of antibiotics and prescription drugs to treat her disease, eventually discovering a natural remedy. Marsha-Lee pursued tertiary studies in aesthetics and physiotherapy before launching her company, Epiphany: Beyond Body.

These products will benefit underserved populations and challenge the status quo of conventional beauty and Physiotherapy

Epiphany Physio is committed to providing comprehensive physio-esthetics services to Caribbean residents suffering from various medical conditions. It includes diabetes, stroke, spinal cord injuries, and health enthusiasts seeking holistic skin and nail care services.

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