Creating Partnerships

Marcel St Patrick Bell


Pandamonium Projects aimsto improve project management understanding, practice, and application in the corporate landscape and other applicable industries.

"You will receive the same amount of effort that you put in." There are no handouts or favors, and success requires structure and assistance."

Marcel Bell found his new passion in the discipline of project management in 2017. After only a few months, he realized it was one of the primary keys missing in his personal and professional life. Marcel observed that as a professional in corporate Jamaica, project management would provide the necessary framework to address the chaos that plagued most projects, such as
improper scoping, time overruns, and limited resources and funding. Project management also gave him the confidence and clarity to organize his ideas and various aspects of his life in a structured and systematic manner to improve his success. Pandamonium Projects Limited arose from this life-changing encounter.

The company's tagline, "Turning chaos into Structure," sums up what the brand stands for and strives to achieve. The company offers various services, such as process and system documentation, business process reviews, and systems research and implementation. The company will assist businesses in working through their unique processes and pain points, examining various strategies and operational processes to achieve complete end-to-end workflow, automation, business process optimization, and overall process efficiency.

The company has also recently launched a live stream program to educate professionals on critical issues that affect and improve our nation/world. It will transform the corporate and government sectors within the next three years.

Marcel, a certified associate in project management and SCRUM master, aspires to make Pandamonium a Fortune 500 company.

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