Creating Partnerships

Malia Shen Morgan


" Our greatest vision is to move into Africa to help our African sisters and brothers with the hair problems they face. "

Malia Shen Morgan has always been fascinated with her hair and was voted best hair in high school, and one day she went from best hair to no hair. After an endless quest searching for a product that would fix her damaged hair, she resorted to creating her own hair oil. This sparked her passion for making natural magnificent products. Soon, her mother shared the idea of selling the products which was the catalyst Malia and her brother needed to venture into entrepreneurship.

Mi Natural is on a mission to help its customers boost confidence by providing eco-friendly, natural hair care products with a
premium and immersive user experience. Beyond just offering a product, it is intended to educate users on how our body
works, specifically the hair growth cycle through its social media platforms.

Mi Natural’s hair growth system is designed using natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cola nut (bissy), and hibiscus. The
complete hair growth system comprises tools and products that last for up to 3 months. Mi Natural is an award-winning hair
growth system and is on the rise to becoming the #1 premium cosmetic company in the Caribbean.

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