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Kimberlee Howell


Alessandro's Catering is committed to providing a culinary experience that you will never forget.

"I love and appreciate good food. Having always wanted to operate my own catering and event planning business, I pursued this dream."

Kimberlee Howell, founder of Alessandro’s Catering Services, is an entrepreneur with a passion for good food and a background deeply rooted in the performing arts. Her journey in the food and beverage industry began at the Montego Bay Community College, where she earned an associate degree in culinary arts. Kimberlee's experience and love of working in the hospitality industry motivated her to pursue a BA in hospitality business management in the UK, fuelling her dream to start her own business.

Kimberlee conceptualised a catering company and named it Alessandro's Catering Services after her son Alexander, which translates to Alessandro in Italian. Her knowledge of Jamaican cuisine, coupled with exposure to cuisines of other nations due to her time living and travelling in Europe, enables Kimberlee to offer a unique and diverse menu for Alessandro's. The company is committed to providing an unforgettable culinary experience using the freshest, locally and responsibly sourced ingredients. Alessandro's Catering Services continuously strives for excellence, which is reflected in its intention to deliver unique culinary experiences.

Kimberlee is passionate about giving back to the community; as such, Alessandro’s, offers internships to students from the Montego Bay Community College Hospitality Department and supports locally sourced items whenever possible. Kimberlee is also eco conscious, so Alessandro's uses biodegradable and reusable packaging for all its events.

Kimberlee understands the importance of hard work, dedication and persistence in building a successful business. She strives to continuously improve and adapt to meet the needs of Alessandro’s customers while maintaining her commitment to excellence. She plans to expand Alessandro’s reach by offering more services and by ensuring that the company continues to provide an exceptional culinary experience for their clients.

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